The Weekly Banana - Issue 13

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Like any week there have been big changes and little changes and always plently of stuff on our to-do list. This also seems to be turning into a month to earn a lot of points, so don't miss out on that!

The Banana

As I'm sure none of you have noticed, the older wide-style Features from FPSB have returned to the front page and already been put to use advertising many of the big events going on around here. It will still be used to feature user created submissions from time to time, but many of those submission features will be contained within articles like the weekly banana and some of our other articles already in the works.

A big bit of news this week is that tom started documenting how the GameBanana API works -- which you can see here -- and already start playing around with a bit. You can expect some custom user modules to start appearing once the entire package is all up and running.

Toms also got some other neat features in mind. A way for users to literally draw on top of WiP images to share feedback. Many folks already do this via image editing programs, so it may as well be made into a site feature and save you all some time. No eta on if/when that would be complete as it's a complex thing to make as you can imagine even with some work being outsourced to speed things along.

Quite a few bugs were also fixed this week and many back-end tools/features for admins and moderators are also coming together. Just minor tools to help them to their job better/faster.

Official Messages

Staff are looking for some help to clean up skin icons across various games which you can read about here. Any and all help is appreciated. On a semi-related note, I'm collecting an mosaic image library of gb submissions for use in an ongoing GB project that will be disclosed at a later date. Getting all the classics and the best of the best is the goal, so check that out here and earn some more points!

Ideas and Opinions

Will you folks ever run out of ideas? I wonder. Anywho, this weeks highlight ideas are as follows:

Contest Watch

The judges are currently pouring over the submissions for the Homemade Skinning contest so you can expect the results to be posted and awards handed out later this week. Oh, and if you didn't notice, contest winners will now have a bigger mention on their submission profiles letting others know exactly what place they earned and the judges thoughts; check out Latteh's winning submission for the Dangerous Cargo mapping contest.

Developers Hub

While the skinning contest comes to a close and ideas are tossed around for the next, the Red Planet mapping contest is still in full swing -- no submissions yet -- with many promising WiP's floating around. You can see them and other good WiP's below:

Help Wanted

Something interesting this week in the help wanted section. Apocalyptic Studio -- home of Bobafett/Rafael De Jongh -- is looking for a programmer to help them create new tools to help them create their amazing submissions. Full details can be found below:

Skin of the Week - CZ85 Pistols by arby26

Destiny Studio certiannly releases some high quality work as shown in this L4D2 release. Animations, Sounds and Textures are all spot on.

Map of the Week - aim_infernoxyde by Ishotthesherif =================================

This little infero-styled gem is the work of amateur french mapper Ishotthesherif and Oxyde. A great addition to your CS:GO server lists for some good ol skill-based combat.

Tutorial of the Week - Custom CS:GO Loading Screens by Mad_

Every mapper needs this excelent tutorial in their toolset now that the number of custom maps are growing exponentially.

Last Word

So it's been a few weeks now since the release of CS:GO, is it everything you hoped for? if not, do you think custom content will be enough to pick up the slack and make the game as good as the hype said it would be?

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    Why u no pick my idea, i am sure the member get notified will help, so the mods will not need take action when flags trashed by flagger himself.

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    Why u no pick my idea, i am sure the member get notified will help, so the mods will not need take action when flags trashed by flagger himself.

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