Modern Warfare 2

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Recently, the world rejoiced when IGN showed the brand new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trailer and announced the release date of Nov. 10, 2009. However, details on the actual game were more than a bit scarce. Thankfully, IGN knows a number of top COD operatives, and they were happy to tear apart the video for the news behind the sonar-like trailer. During the short video, images briefly flash in green against the dark background. It might just look like sounds being recorded, but it seems like Infinity Ward put a whole lot more into it. Over on the official COD: Modern Warfare 2 site, you can go through the trailer second by second, zoom in, and see some hazy images lost in the green muck. Nothing's official, but some of the things we've seen sure look like Rio de Janeiro's Christ the Redeemer and a Brazilian favela. Don't believe us? Go ahead and click on those links, or scope these images.


  • xYISKAx avatar
    xYISKAx Offline
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    7 years ago:
    How about if you don't like the game GTFO of the fucking forum. Jesus christ do you people have to bitch about everything? Go make your fucking "I HATE COD LOLOL IM A FAG" group and leave us the fuck alone. I personnaly love the CoD series and think they're all great games. (except for Treyarch, they kinda suck) And for everyone bitching about CoD games using the same engine, I guess your too stupid to realize that all of Valve's new games are made on ONE engine; the source engine. Most of your peoples arguments for 'CoD games are bad since they all use the same engine' are invalid and retarded. And with the multiplayer sucking, I have no idea how you can say that, it actually gives you a choice in game modes compared to most games. (Cough DoD, TF2, CS:S, L4D all have only one stock game mode) So if you don't like Call of Duty games, just get out of the fucking forum right now, since no one wants to hear you bitch.
    S'been a long time... avatar
    S'been a long time...
  • SlowCheetah avatar
    Member Joined 11 years ago
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    7 years ago:
    Posted by BAFTUB But guess what. Those games are nothing alike.
    Ah, so you understand.
  • rustyfail avatar
    rustyfail Offline
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    7 years ago:
    Posted by BAFTUB
    Posted by rustyfail
    Posted by BAFTUB
    Posted by TheStealthyOne
    Posted by BAFTUB Call of duty fucking sucks. They are making the games too fast. oh wait, They aren't games. They are just shitty mods of the previous game with a $50 pricetag.
    you know, Infinity Ward DID NOT make CoD: WaW of CoD3. 4 and 2 are much better, get your facts straight. While Treyarch works on the crappier games, Infinity makes the awesome ones.
    It doesnt matter. They are in the same series and have the same shitty multiplayer across the board.
    Not everyone enjoys to play runescape like you do BAFTUB.
    Nobody likes new members, like you rusty.
    What does new members have to do with the fact you like Runescape? I cannot link your comment.
  • Shirk avatar
    Shirk Offline
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    7 years ago:
    Dont say it will suck unless you can do better
  • SlowCheetah avatar
    Member Joined 11 years ago
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    7 years ago:
    Ok I have a few questions for all of you winging about games using the same engine... Have you played any of the Splinter Cells? How about any of the Rainbow 6's? Ghost Recon? Gears of War? America's Army? Bio Shock? Mass Effect? Unreal/Unreal Tournament? All on versions of the Unreal engine, which has been incrimentally updated for the last 15 years. How about FarCry2, the Dunia engine? Modified Unreal engine. How about the origional Half Life, and all of it's mods? All on the Gold-Source engine, which is a modified Quake engine. Then we have the Source engine. The origional was released, and then there was the Ep. 1 revision, the Ep. 2 revision, on which Ep2, DOD:S, and TF2 all run (Do these games in any way feel samey?) Left 4 Dead uses a further modification of the Source engine. The game mechanics are what make CoD:4 and CoD:WaW feel so similar. In summary, you silly boobs, the engine does not determine the game. That said, I hope CoD:6 takes a lot from 4, what I'd like to see improved are balistics behavior. (All weapons being perfectly accurate, bullets penetrating nearly all materials, stuff like that. I thought the perks were a nice idea, but I think they should be more subtle. It's a nice way to lean towards a certain style of play, such as stealth, or carrying more weapons, more armour, or the like, but bullets penetrating 5 inches of steel like it were wet toilet paper is too much. (IMHO)
  • Holty avatar
    Holty Offline
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    7 years ago:
    Posted by enjoi that Guy one: "I don't like this kind of ice cream..." Guy two: "I'd like to see you make a well-known ice cream flavor!" The last statement is the ONLY thing I don't agree with.
    Touche. Very nice. Fair enough I guess.
    Victory. Or death!
  • enjoi that avatar
    enjoi that Offline
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    7 years ago:
    Posted by Holty Why is this a flame war? lol The game is gonna be great. People in the games making industry aren't superhumans. They are as lazy as you and me. If it doesn't need an update then don't update it.
    I agree with you on this. I was a fan of CoD4 and if it's just as entertaining as the previous one [if not more], then I would be more than happy to get it! Hell, I'd stil be playing CoD4 had my XBox not killed itself.
    Posted by Holty I love all these people bag the hell out of games for using the same engine. I'd like to see them go and build a game engine from scratch and build the game.
    Guy one: "I don't like this kind of ice cream..." Guy two: "I'd like to see you make a well-known ice cream flavor!" The last statement is the ONLY thing I don't agree with.
    enjoiing eet doggystyle! avatar
    enjoiing eet doggystyle!
  • Colt_ avatar
    Colt_ Offline
    Member Joined 9 years ago
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    7 years ago:
    They dare call this a game trailer?
    So we can post anything here? avatar
    So we can post anything here?
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    Cooking Expert
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    7 years ago:
    Can't wait for it, but the trailer sucked BAWLS. avatar
  • MelombinE avatar
    MelombinE Offline
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    7 years ago:
    Posted by sp!tfire.0xe And it's not even that good or awesome unlike Modern Warfare.
    Yes, that's because COD4 was really new, awesome and had nice sound and graphic engine. Since it jumped from 3's engine to 4's, everybody jumped out of their chairs when they saw the graphics and other things. COD5 didn't because it has the same graphics. And more blood <.<
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    Hai guise


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