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I lol at life when it sucks.

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    Yoo hey gamebrigada... i was aleccsandar... remember :D?

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    Posted by gamebrigada Looking at your graphics card choice, I would recommend rethinking your build. The 920 is a VERY expensive processor that does not deliver. I would really think about considering This processor. Which is quite cheaper, and very comparable to your i7 that you chose. Coming above in gaming, even in ones that are optimized for Intel processors, and coming right on par in other operations. Then this mobo which also brings price down. Now you have lots of room to choose a better video card, and in the end coming out with a better gaming rig. If you decide to stay with that card, your rig will still be 200 bucks cheaper. Truthfully, I'd consider getting the 4850 as a video card. Here it is in that site It beats the 260 by a mile in performance, and in my opinion is currently the best card out there to buy, if you are smart about spending and don't have spare cash laying around. It will last you a very very long time through upcoming games. Also it is a dx11 card, the 260 is not. A lil bit of history reveals that in about 3 years after dx10 came out, games started appearing that are dx10 only. I fully expect the same to happen with dx11, so don't fall behind. So there are my 2 cents. Ehh... make that 3...
    1. That's the second time I have seen you confused by the names of the new ATI cards.
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    I think out of everyone except Tom you have been on this site the longest from what ive seen.

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    Link to Sephiroth Collection pretty please :)

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    I can haz lockerz invite?

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    War. War never changes.
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    Love your avatar mate.

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    There's always money in the ba
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    No worries, noone will notice.

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    So we can post anything here?
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    A Simple Virus of the Mind.
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    I rarely see you.

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    The last hero of the world...
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    Didn't you leave a few months ago? Anyways, I gotta agree with you about FPSB being immature, just look at FP, they even have smarter members..

    It's mostly some immature 2008 fags that hang around now, although I'm being a hypocrite.