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    A bit late, this: I love your creative touch with the custom CS:S weapons.

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    yo' name reminds me about "kung-fu". btw still lurkin'?

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    you give up 1000 points

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    hey. i just saw your absolutely amazing skin on the mac 10 called Kfu's FC. 92 "Sharpener" v.2. i was wondering if i could reskin it and upload it? i'll put you in the credits (dont worry)

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    KFU i need youre skype id is about a few things..which only you can do them god damn it...add me on skype fatu.cosmin.nicolae please..?add me?

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    PLEASE Kfu Give me via private message yoru skype ID VERY IMPORTANT it is my dream please pm me your skype id or Y!M pls

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    Omg how did you trash my Iron man SWEP?!?!?!

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    Thanks for including my video in your description :D. btw your ideas are very creative lol.

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    Hey kfu, I see that almost all of the cs 1.6 skins are gone... do you have the ghost mw2 skins (cs 1.6) for GIGN? or if you cannot find it, please ask the great cs 1.6 skin maker. I will be appreciated :)

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