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    Hey there.

    This is a friendly reminder to please not misuse the ratings system to revenge rate other people's submissions, as well as to not provide false feedback and throw accusations at others to falsely justify the revenge rating. Just because someone rated a submission of yours low, that's not an excuse to go across several of their submissions and rate it low, nor is it a reason to provide false feedback and accuse the user of stealing textures when their submissions clearly state who the texture creators are in the credits list (if the texture creators had a problem, they would have contacted us about the matter and had the submissions in question removed).

    I normally would have only given you the warning, but since you went out of your way to rate several of their submissions low out of revenge, you have also been given a temporary gag from being able rate submissions. Please do not do this again.

    Have a nice day.
    Not as serious as you'd think.