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    do you get on?

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    wow looks you avatar box loop. :D i like you it!

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    Derpy is best
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    Hey, I was wondering if you were in a studio?

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    Confusing avatar, but cool. :)

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    Hey man, you make the greatest glove skins of all time, thats why i came here, could you just check this please http://www.gamebanana.com/threads/177307 i would rly appriciate it man, thanks again

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    The glove master...quick question, you still have a link to the other colors for the "awesome no name gloves" you did? it looks like the time expired for the upload in the link.

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    Please add me to budds

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    Hi ! can i use your textures ? for my ak47 skin

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    Oh sorry for being random, i love all of your skins mate, and i saw your profile poll, i don't know if it is still actuall but if it is you should make oakley si assault gloves - like those used by rangers in mw2 - yes i realized myself how noob that sounds " like mw2 ones!" Anyway, i hope to see more skins of your's.

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