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    Staff Profile

    Born in 1984 in Sydney, Australia, Tom graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 2006 with a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communications. In December 2010, he moved to New York City as an Art Director for Machinefloor Inc. A self-trained server administrator and programmer, Tom manages the physical infrastructure for GameBanana and maintains and improves the application framework on a daily basis.


    Machinefloor Inc.
    New York




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    • Added some WiP improvements on dev: better progress bars (thanks nick nugent) added date modified added optional game category in add/edit form (thanks major yelle) added a "feedback needed" label ne...
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      WiP Improvements
    • Hey guys, I'm adding another field to the model forms that lets you disclose the mesh and texture file formats included with the model. Is this list comprehensive enough? Are there some files here we...
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      Model format advice needed
    • Hey Gents, If you're a modeller or texture artist, please tell me if this is a comprehensive list of texture map types. And please tell me which are the most common, so I can put them at the top (obvi...
      tom avatar

      Texture advice needed
    • Some new contest medals are ready. Hope you like!...
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      New Contest Medals
    • I've created 4 new medals: GTA5 Early Adopter (submit 1 GTA5 customization) Besiege Early Adopter (submit 1 Besiege customization) GTA5 Pioneer (submit 5 GTA5 customizations) Besiege Pioneer (submit...
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      Early Adopter Medals

    Core Stats

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    August 21, 2001 11:00:00 AM
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    14 years

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    PC Specs

    PSU/Power Supply iconPSU/Power Supply
    Antec Earthwatts 380W
    Motherboard iconMotherboard
    BIOSTAR A880G+ AM3
    CPU/Processor iconCPU/Processor
    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
    CPU Fan/Heatsink iconCPU Fan/Heatsink
    Stock AMD Heatsink/Fan
    RAM/Memory Slot 1 iconRAM/Memory Slot 1
    RAM/Memory Slot 2 iconRAM/Memory Slot 2
    Hard Disk iconHard Disk
    OCZ Vertex 2 64GB SSD
    Graphics Card iconGraphics Card
    ATI Radeon HD 4250 (Integrated)
    Monitor 1 iconMonitor 1
    Dell 20-inch LCD
    Monitor 2 iconMonitor 2
    Dell 20-inch LCD
    Speakers iconSpeakers
    Antec Lansing
    Keyboard iconKeyboard
    Logitech K100
    Mouse iconMouse
    Stock Microsoft Optical Mouse

    Submission Counts

    Blogs 1,171
    Bugs 10
    Concepts 5
    Contests 23
    Craftings 4
    Flags 2
    Game files 3
    Generators 4
    Ideas 6
    Map Categories 1,132
    MiP Categories 1,367
    Mirrors 9
    Model Categories 9
    Modules 1
    Polls 51
    Prefab Categories 1,439
    Projects 9
    Ratings 352
    Requests 2
    Script Categories 1,429
    Sound Categories 1,403
    Spray Categories 1,444
    Sprite Categories 1,424
    Support 3
    Texture Categories 1,443
    Threads 413
    Tools 1
    Tool Categories 9
    Tutorials 11
    Tutorial Categories 1,371
    Wikis 65
    WiPs 8


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      9 hours ago:

      test ets

      testing 1 2 3 4
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      1 day ago:

      nice avatar!

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      15 days ago:

      Posted by Jaxify

      Why your Captures not changing? It's always on 6.

      The card probably resets to tom once in a while.

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      16 days ago:

      Why your Captures not changing? It's always on 6.

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      23 days ago:

      Beat ya to 37 seconds

      Wait, what is this text for?
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      26 days ago:

      Hey, Tom.

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      30 days ago:

      Hey there, Tom.

      Since the reviews section is no longer on the site, is there any chance of moving existing reviews from the what used to be the reviews section to the appropriate user's blogs? I'd like to recover the few reviews I've done, but I can't access them now that they're gone from that section.

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      1 month ago:

      What's up Tom! Are there any updates concerning the site's design? I don't mean to annoy, but there are some things that look rather unpolished, ya know!

      Also, since when are you a member of Avenger Corp?

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      Why don't you get a job?
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      1 month ago:

      Got my Banana back :D

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      We will be back...
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      1 month ago:

      Achievement Unlocked!

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