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    I'm beginning to think the "Banned" is colored red and the picture was used as a profile picture very clever if this is true

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    is this guy ip dodging or something?

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    Posted by Teh Thrasher How the fuck is this account still getting points..


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    How the fuck is this account still getting points..

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    Oh well.......May sincerity be across the people of GB for losing you (although I never gave a dime and a half about you, nor did I know who you are).

    Up for the heisting
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    I certainly saw this ban coming, why they took so long to just slam the ban hammer down is beyond me though.

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    Im going to buy all lost posts from him for 200 Points. I really wanted to read that conversation.

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    Call me Masterb8es
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    Atleast. Good times today.

    aka Drom
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    Well it's about damn time. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and all that. Good riddance.

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    Banned about 5 days ago and she received points for coming back 4 days ago?!

    Bug detected.

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