Rickenbacker 4001 Bass Guitar

Partly inspired by the anime FLCL (Fooly Cooly) by Gainax, this is the iconic bass guitar manufactured by Rickenbacker as a two-pickup "deluxe" version of their first production bass. A fine instrument choice and a perfect weapon replacement for L4D2.

Mad Can: Fury Beans

A reference to Mad Max: Fury Road, one of my favorite films of 2015. Meant to have a questionable design, look sharp and menacing.Building materials might not be the best. A mediocre weapon, for mediocre times...

Left 4 Dead Pipe Bomb

The pipebomb from the Left 4 Dead games, an all time favorite that I wanted to bring to "current-gen" standards. This weapon was completely remodeled from scratch, keeping every detail in the same spot.

Staff Profile

Hobbyist Digital Artist. I make 3D weapons and props for video-games. 3D modelling and game modding became a hobby soon after I played the first Quake. Nowadays I focus on modding my favorite game, Left 4 Dead 2.