• Year ago - I suggested this idea, which basically was meant to separate reviews from personal activities. The idea pretty much got forgotten. So today I wanted to make a blog to resurrect the original...
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    Abuse in the idea section.
  • So yeah, this is a long post, but I think a few people should read it if they have time, to see how a users skin is now flagged 8 times for contradictory/irrelevant reasons. So to begin, there is this...
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    Leave thebeb alone!
  • I have 3 new knifes, 2 of them are modeled but untextured/unanimated and the other one still modeling: 1 With this one I was aiming at a futuristic looking knife. I will use my gloves/arm model for th...
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    3 Knifes for 1.6 [KKRV]
  • Around 4 months ago, I made the CS:KO HUD which has somewhat positive ratings... And now, I am making a new one. The numbers, the letters and the dollar symbol all have a similar look and are a bit b...
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    CS 1.6: New Hud.
  • Long time since I made a blog... So, I have cancelled a lot of projects recently. Mainly because they take a lot time to make and\or I don't really like the results. Here are the ones that I didn't ca...
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    K.K.R.V.: cs 1.6 stuff.


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Do people even cs 1.6 anymore?
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