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    2 years ago:

    why dont you submit your maps to the tf2 workshop?

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    talk shit, spit blood
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    6 years ago:

    Ok I just put this map into my map list called "cp_mof_a3"

    I start the server with the map called "cp_mof_a3"

    the map work great! Below is my mapcycle list!

    cp_gravelpit cp_dustbowl pl_goldrush cp_mof_a3

    Now the issue im having is that the map is being skiped completely

    The server will only run the following maps

    cp_gravelpit cp_dustbowl pl_goldrush

    and skips the map called cp_mof_a3 completly



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    6 years ago:

    Ya, I understand that it is just your beta for the map.

    But I am kinda tired of people just rating a map 10/10, especially if its a beta, because it isn't perfect and you were looking for feedback, not the rating.

    I wanted to make sure you fixed everything that I opened up the map and saw wrong. Redesign the spawn room, because that is where people start the map out. A good impression there can really bring it out.

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