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Software Kit

3D Modelling Program
Autodesk 3ds Max 2012
2D Painting Program
3D Rendering Program


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    dude please read your PM Thanks

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    Can I have your permission to use your model & texture in CS1.6?

    Ported by Minh_97

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    Next Generation of Gamebanana
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    May I use your made MAC-10 compiling for CS:S On Internetianer Animations?

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    Where is the Chaos?
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    Can i use your Bushmaster M4A1 TEXTURE Please ?? Sorry for my bad english ;)

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    Hi. Not even sure if you are still alive, but would you mind if i used your KS-23 in a HL2 compile?

    The guy that cant do shit
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    Can I use your textures for Seph's M4 carbine in a compile?

    Microcephalic addlepate
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    Please fix the errors by the bushmaster m4a1 the skin you made is sick!! im lovin it please fix that! the weapon is pink/black (sorry for my bad english!!)

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    Hi, i have a problem with the "bushmaster M4a1", the whole skin of the weapon (except silencer) is purple\black squared, please help me!

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    Please if you have the time message me so we can talk i am making a collection of fallout new vegas weapons and i love your model work !