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  • I received an email from the developers at ALIENS: The Ultimate Doom as they are doing beta testing and releasing a bit of a new update and version of their latest release.  Here is what they sen...
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    ALIENS: The Ultimate Doom
  • AiM2GaME Gaming just announced on Facebook they have disbanded and will no longer compete in the eSports scene, as the team is splitting up going various places.  I am sure a more official a...
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    AiM2GaME Gaming just Disbanded
  • vVv LordJerith sent this little message over to me letting me know the popular eSports team is having a cool little tournament.  They held this last year and it worked out great, so check it out...
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    vVv Hosting Sonic Tournament
  • I have decided to start writing a little bit again about general gaming news, updates, developments and projects I am working on, as well as files.  I hope to be able to update this everyday rega...
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    Upcoming Blog Updates
  • After checking this out a bit I thought that some of you wouldn't mind seeing how this plays. I will be interviewing the Modification team soon hopefully, awaiting confirmation from the developers....
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    Rise of the Reds Version 1.85



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