This is a Map for Team Fortress 2 submitted by Beamos.

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A simple ramp/jump/stairstab practice map

**Update: The map that this map is inspired from has now been released! Check it out!

It's like this jumpstab map but SO MUCH MORE AWESOME OH GOD


Here and there I'd see a video with some unknown ramp/stair/jumpstab practice map. Didn't have a clue what it was called, and apparently I'm awful at using Google so I couldn't find the map (not released to the public?), so I made my own map for all to use!

To install, just extract the .bsp to steam\steamapps\\team fortress 2\tf\maps, then open TF2, create server, select the map and start her up.

You'll want to join red team.

The bots spawn automatically.

Behind the bots, you'll see a wall with a bunch of numbers corresponding to each part of the ramp. These are the run speeds. They break down as follows:

400 V : Scout 320 V : Medic 300 V : Normal (Engineer/Pyro/Sniper/Spy) 280 V : Demoman 240 V : Soldier 230 V : Heavy

The way this map is set up, run speeds are independent of whatever class is on that part of the ramp. Like if a scout spawns in the heavy part, he'll be running at heavy speed. If a demoman spawns in the medic part, he'll run at medic speed.

ZIP INCLUDES: -The BSP -The VMF, incase anyone wants to tweak it for their own needs. Feel free to do whatever you want with the map- even rerelease it if you feel you made a good improvement!


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    6 years ago:
    Pros: Does what it says on the tin. Jumpstab. See notes for more. Cons: None Improvements: None Notes: Brilliant. It's awesome how 1. you use switches 2. you don't need to mess around with console 3. you can make them do whatever you want!


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  • The Ultimate Potato avatar
    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    7 years ago:
    The map you saw there was tr_airstab later known as tr_esg that I didn't release because Washipatos map was so much better that I gave up. HE released his one last week (tr_walkway) You should have a look. It's got everything from advanced bots all the way to scaling and moving the ramp/ launchpad

    Anyway, tr_jumpstab does its job. You can do stairstabs. But nothing else. The style is ok, but its a bit dull. The different speeds are a fine feature though.


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    7 years ago:
  • Happymasksalesman avatar
    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    7 years ago:
    The original map was tr_airstab_300.

  • Fluid Glass avatar
    Member Joined 7 years ago
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    7 years ago:
    I think the original map is only available to those that are in the Elite Spy Group.

    Thanks for recreating it though, I'm not a member of ESG and I really wanted to try the map out.

    Like metal. avatar
    Like metal.
  • Mad_Dugan avatar
    Mad_Dugan Offline
    Member Joined 9 years ago
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    7 years ago:
    Mental note: Don't chase Fedora wearing Yatta up stairs.




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7 years ago
Jun 21 2009 @ 11:01pm UTC
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Nov 19 2009 @ 7:28am UTC
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As mentioned in the author notes, the map's simply a recreation of the map I'd see in youtube videos and whatnot, but with a few extra bells and whistles.

The VMF is included in the .zip incase anyone wants to see how to make bots run without any bot commands or other technical stuff like that.

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