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This is a completely recreated map of the final section of Left 4 Dead's "No Mercy - Rooftop Finale". It was rethemed for TF2 in an Assault Control Point setting.

3-PG is very proud to present cp_no_mercy_b1! It was inspired by Left 4 Dead's final section of the "Rooftop Finale" of the "No Mercy" campaign. The key to winning this nightmare is to control all of the different elevations at once, with whatever forces you have available. But don't be fooled about finding that perfect spot to protect, chances are the enemy will be able to flank you easily and quickly. Better grab some pills and get ready to survive! Objectives: --------------------------------------- Blu is Assault and Red is Defense. Blu's goal is to capture the helipad at "A", then bring down the security system of the radio building by capturing the power system at "B" and then finally capture the radio building at "C" for the win. Red's goal is to prevent Blu from capturing the radio building at all cost. Note : Each control point has an indicator projected into the sky to show the approximate location and status of each of the control points. Special Thanks To: --------------------------------------- Valve and the Left 4 Dead team for the original map, inspiration and the awesome tools which enabled us to put this together. Everyone who participated in the "Invitational" closed testing night, your participation was very helpful and greatly appreciated. The 3-PG and B³ communities for being what they are. And last but not least : All of you tutorial writers out there, you are providing an invaluable service to the community. Thanks you for sharing your tips and tricks. Notes: --------------------------------------- This is a completely custom map and was created in tribute to the original map from Left 4 Dead's No Mercy - Rooftop Finale. Nothing other than inspiration was taken out of L4D. Left 4 Dead was not decompiled or disassembled in any way to create this map. Many zombies were harmed during the making of this map. Constructive feedback and bug reports will be greatly appreciated.



  • 4y
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    Member Joined 5y
    Yo , I had an idea to make a map like this inspired from the Vertigo map from cs 1.6 . I was thinking that I could make a payload map . based on levels . Do you have any problems like that mate ?
    You are you cool :3
  • 8y
    Guy avatar
    Guy Offline
    Member Joined 11y
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    I very much enjoy this map, it is alot of fun. My only complaint is that there are too many medium sized health kits. There seems to be a kit around every corner, this can be a bit frustrating when trying to kill enemies.
  • 8y
    BS1 avatar
    BS1 Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    250 points Ranked 14849th
    Very fun map, I will have to rate it later. Feedback doesn't seem to be working for me now.


  • 8y
    somoza avatar
    somoza Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    906 points Ranked 5084th
    I recorded a video to show you this awesome map:
    I'm spanish... from Europe
  • 8y
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    Axls_TF2 Offline
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    How do you capture the Helipad? I just tested it out and couldn't cap anything. Standing on the helipad as a blu scout does nothing. Am I missing something?

    edit: Oops. I just noticed the cp hiding below the actual helipad. ><

    edit #2: I have this currently set as our mystery map. Axls TF2 - Where 2fort is a BAD thing.
    Axls TF2 - Where 2fort is a BA
  • 8y
    Flambe avatar
    Flambe Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    15,066 points Ranked 279th
    This has inspired me to do some. But knowing me I'll start and forget about it.
  • 8y
    baboo00 avatar
    baboo00 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    107 points Ranked 26447th
    I woulda done this... if I hadn't been so lazy. Nice job. Gotta get my clan leader to add this to the server rotation.
  • 8y
    josephohsnap avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    129 points Ranked 23484th
    Lol i had this idea as soon as l4d came out. Cool to see it done without me actually having to do any work. :P
    i have no specialties


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Key Authors
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Initial Concept and Layout
Rabbit |
Designer & Custom Artwork
KevLaR |
Team Manager
Earl Lewis - a.k.a. {A TEAM}B.Å.Baracus[B³]
Mapping & Custom Artwork
Original Authors
The Original Map & Source of Inspiration
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9.7/10 by 1 rater


Apps Used :
Source SDK
Photoshop 6

Known Issues:

Spotlights can not be destroyed by explosives for some reason. I am actively trying to find the source of the issue.

Tutorial Resources:

Can't list all of the tutorials I've ever read but can list the sites they are found on/through.

This map was created in tribute to the original map from Left 4 Dead's No Mercy - Rooftop Finale. Left 4 Dead was not decompiled or disassembled in any way to create this map.

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