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Single-stage attack / defend map with 4 CPs

This is a single stage attack/defend map. The blue team has to capture all 4 control points of the fort to win. with every capture the attacking team gets easier access to the fort. The gameplay is not very linear because the map is very open and the fort can be attacked from many directions. I recommend to play this map with smaller teams. The more players the harder it gets to capture and more organisation is needed for the attacking team. Changes in this version: -changed the whole Theme to the new one -reworked the area around the fort -changed some items and capture times -added a new path to the top, to the last cp -fixed some bugs, added some clip brushes and some other small changes.



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  • 7y
    Hellkat9940 avatar
    Member Joined 7y
    The map is kind of harsh on Blue snipers. Perhaps unlockable sniper decks that come with points 1 and 3? CP1's earned deck being attached to the blue spawn and leading down to a stairway between the health and ammo hut to one side of CP1. And the mill building opposite the blue spawn has windows perfectly on level facing point 4, which look just right for blue snipers to help capture the final point, which is a hang up for most of the games I play on this map.
  • 8y
    FloatMyBoat avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    This is a great map! I found a small exploit out of pure chance earlier today with a buddy of mine. We were on the red team, and he built a sentry behind the stack of wood at the blue spawn. Apparently the sentry could shoot through it but nothing else could. Just wanted to let you know about this. Very fun map though, keep up the good work!
    ~ FloatMyBoat


  • 8y
    What The Funk avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    923 points Ranked 5005th
    Pros: I love the layout. I mean REALLY love it. the ability for red to jump strait into the action and blu to battle on through. aspects like the blu team being able to go up the back of the bace and reekhvock from behind is great. + being able to get a group of soldiers and demos to all jump up at once is amazing.
    Cons: it may just be my team always sucks, but CP2 regularly doesn't get capped
    Improvements: one of my top 5 maps in TF2 (iv been playing since release)
    Notes: if this map didn't have the alternate roughts / being able to rocket jump up to roof, it would be horrible (just a note for other reviewers)


    Do Not Fear What The Funk Is H
  • 8y
    Darkside* avatar
    Darkside* Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    3,068 points Ranked 1488th
    I have played this on my favorite server, red is way overpowered.
  • 8y
    Hybrid Refrigerator avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    140 points Ranked 22278th
    This looks cool, but I can already see a Demoman flying to the top of the fortress...
  • 8y
    Very nice! Great idea, great level design. Hard to believe it's still beta. Night time too, so that's always cool. Can't wait for the actual release!
    Wanna-be Mapper avatar
    Wanna-be Mapper
  • 8y
    magster1914 avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    172 points Ranked 19362nd
    Epic idea!


    the crimson king
  • 8y
    runtime avatar
    runtime Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Excellent change. We played beta 2 at our server, and now that it has a nice theme to it, it's even better.

    I just want to encourage more advantages given to the attacking team. The height advantage makes spamming very easy - any sort of defensive cover for the attacking team would greatly improve this map.
  • 8y
    Logan Dougall avatar
    Logan Dougall avatar Offline
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    Logan Dougall avatar
    Logan Dougall
    Half Life Storm Flag
    Half Life Storm
    Posted by mrmof

    Yea i changed the sky to the one from sawmill and some textures and lightning. but i left the rain and the sounds out. maybe i'm adding those later when it doesn't affect fps that much. currently it's just a very cloudy weather :)
    If you don't want direct rain - which is understandable - maybe add in a smokevolume or two in spots for some atmospheric effects within the map and not just the skybox? Just because I know fog can be a bit of a pain to blend with the skybox and not have a visible edge.

    Think along the lines of Dust2 to show some blowing sand within the level without being overbearing or too dense.
    ÜberStylers {...} ~/clubs/1947
  • 8y
    Wildcard777 avatar
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    Add rain to this. I feel with rain that the map will look even better. Don't get me wrong, this still looks amazing, but I love that rainy look. :)
    The Table Runner avatar
    The Table Runner
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