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A train Circles the map with a single controll point.

NEWS! King of the train 2 now announced! for more information see my blog!

This is the second version of my map. I finally decided to go back and light the map.

Objective is simple, Capture the one capture-able point on the back of a train circling the outside of the map. However capping it is not. As You ride the train around the map you go through tunnels and past both spawns.

Once captured the train will begin to smoke and eventually derail directly into the enemy spawn causing a large explosion.

This map is made without a timer on purpose to accommodate game play on the public server.

Changes from last version
-Is now lighted and hdr
-Made several editions to make train less "jumpy" and to reduce getting stuck in it.
-redid some of textures.
-added real stairs and redid center roof.
-detailed train station
-cow now blocks bullets
-replaced all decals with overlays
-modified the visleaf to prevent the "ghost train" effect.
-fixed a few errors in the map.
-added small ammo/health in outside shack
-fixed train looking dark



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  • 8y
    Zalaxy avatar
    Zalaxy Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    358 points Ranked 11041st
    Pros: Unique Idea, Very Fun Map, Hard for any one team to dominate, Big Hit on my Server
    Cons: Buggy Train Stuckage(as you mentioned), Missing some detailed walls(I.E. Posters and stuff)
    Improvements: Make more of these ya?
    Notes: Awesome map. Favoriting you as an author and will keep an eye on any maps you release.


    Cogito Ergo Sum
  • 8y
    Gimpy117 avatar
    Gimpy117 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    311 points Ranked 12304th
    hunting the red october
  • 8y
    zero rogue avatar
    zero rogue Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    389 points Ranked 10299th
    WOW!!!! my map got featured... I'm seriously honored. anyways @BrainZ The platform is a bit buggy, but I think its less than how it was in the previous basically occasionally you'll get stuck in place if you stand still for too long. and melee is very hard. These don't really happen much as most of the time

    To be honest this was just a map I made out of a concept while making another map. However it seems Its gotten extremely popular, I am considering making a larger version of the map. and maybe another version of the map that fixes all the said issues..

    Once again Thank you for the support!
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  • 8y
    BrainZ avatar
    BrainZ avatar Offline
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    How buggy is standing on the platform, if I may ask?
    gone avatar
  • 8y
    I've played this map, trust me it was even worse before but was still fun as Hell. One of my favs, but this doesn't really look like a final version. Still a large improvement.
    El ladrón de las manzanas avatar
    El ladrón de las manzanas
  • 8y
    Whisky avatar
    Whisky Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    881 points Ranked 5105th
    Nice idea, but it looks horrible...

    i think it should not be featured on the homepage... but the idea is pretty neet!
    God's seen campy bean. avatar
    God's seen campy bean.
  • 8y
    BagOfChips avatar
    BagOfChips Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    To make the tracks look less ridiculous you might want to consider checking out the curved "track" in lumberyard and just make a turn out of 6 - 10 brushes at angles.

  • 8y
    ILOVECASH avatar
    ILOVECASH Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    113 points Ranked 25031st
    Posted by TheNevermanThe huge locomotive on that tiny little track looks ridiculous. And a bomb on the nose? Makes no sense.

    Does ubercharge or the scout double jumping make sense? :D
    Yes, its ILOVECASH! avatar
    Yes, its ILOVECASH!
  • 8y
    zero rogue avatar
    zero rogue Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    389 points Ranked 10299th
    I put the age old suggestion "don't knock it till you tried it." Most people who enter our server when this map is playing have similar complaints but after a few rounds beg to keep the server on the map.

    A larger version has been suggested but may not be implemented for a long time.
    Enter motto here...
  • 8y
    TheNeverman avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    Cool idea, but bad execution.

    The huge locomotive on that tiny little track looks ridiculous. And a bomb on the nose? Makes no sense.

    I'd like to see you further develop this idea, just seems 'developmental' at this stage...
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Zero Rogue
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Division 7 Community
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zero rogue Offline
Member Joined 9y
389 points Ranked 10299th

zero rogue
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8.5/10 by 1 rater


The concept for this map was made during making of another map (currently in beta). Basic concept was having a train with a cap point on the back of it. The map developed around that concept.

After several months, and several other maps (none I believe worthy to upload) The reason the map wasn't lighted in the first map was due to a severe lighting error that I couldn't figure out at the time.

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