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Hi everyone! I decided to make the map for Garry's mod and finally after trying to get people telling their opinions about my map I decided to upload my map to here FPSB to see if you are more welcome to newcomers no matter when they have registered. You propably have seen my map already in As you can see it's made for testing your off-road vehicles and any kinds of vehicles. My map has next features: - Small hut with simple decoration - 3 garages for bit more private building - Actual route is fairly easy and blocky - Shortcut to other side of testcourse - Couple of rockpiles here and there for rockcrawling - lots of trees for better looks and less wasted space - forest trail - some kind of bridge with steep ramps at both ends - two different kinds of climbs facing each other - Sunny lighting I hope you will comment my map and tell what you think about it.



  • 7y
    what do i need for this map becuse its all error signs and black and purple
  • 8y
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    When i first ran around the map i did not like it at all.
    it had some real blocky brushwork .
    But when i looked closer i saw that you put allot of detail into this map.

    You can tell that you put some tought into this map.
    the road width is the right size for most vehicles in gmod,the track is not too hard yet it is not too easy either.
    As you can see here you used something allot of people would not have tough about,this gives it a nice look.

    The corners of the offroad part are nice and curved but the paved part are 90° angled
    try adding some bends into the paved part.

    I do not know if you can see it on the picture but you could see some black lines in the distance wich indicates that there is a slight difference in brush height.
    Also there is no edge to the map.
    This is a major downside,try adding a ramp or atleast a 3-dskybox so you dont "crash" into the sky.

    One more thing.
    it seems like your stairs arenet angled 90°
    i know that this is for cars but it wont matter that much if you made them horizontal.

    A really nice map.
    but it lacks some details in some places(the shacks and the paved road).


    So we can post anything here? avatar
    So we can post anything here?
  • 9y
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    m. guiosxaerh

    9 years, and still lagging avatar
    9 years, and still lagging
  • 9y
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    Downloaded and played this not too long ago, and I must say it's pretty fun. I didn't get a chance to use any vehicles besides the Jeep and Jalopy, but It was still pretty cool. I think you should add a forest skybox, and maybe make the concrete track a little dirtier looking, or maybe just made of dirt instead.

    Good job.


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Well... I just made this out of my head and created it in hammer. tracking pixel