This is a Map for Team Fortress 2 submitted by DrunkenGun.

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A TF2 Map by the Team Fortress Mappers Consortium Drunken Gun, 007 Caffeine Deathkiller (Shinokorosha) ZargonX

Norad is a product of the collected work of makers of cp_labor, cp_starship, and the hetzchase Portal series.

Payload Style

BLU has discovered RED's secret Norad base under construction in a remote mountain range. The base will be fully operational upon the completion of a thermonuclear reactor. BLU must make a dastardly, devious delivery to doom the diabolical device before it's too late!

Special Thanks to Jason "Murder"

      [**** and Balls] Community
      brb! uninstalling Community
Update 3/9/09
Upgraded to final release

- Minimized download crashing bug.
- Various aesthetic improvements.

Thanks all!

Update 1/18/08 Upgraded to BETA 3

Changes included are those noted in the previous update. Blue now has additional means to proceed to cap 2 in stage 2, and there is more sniper access to the reactor for them to ease capping the last point.

  • Increased capture area around the cart
  • Increased cart speed
  • Decreased number of people needed for cart to reach full speed
  • Fixed inline model error that would prevent people from downloading the file
  • Players can now jump into pit at the end
  • Explosion cinematics updated
  • Explosion damage & radius increased
Update 12/28/08
Some of the changes needed that will go into b3:

-Less time allowance per cap overall
-Slightly brighter lighting in some dark buildings
-More metal for some of the indoor areas
-Fix FPS at red respawn stairwell near stage 1, cap 2.
-Blue needs a little more help capping stage 2, caps 2 and 4.  Going to give more routes.


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  • RahMie avatar
    RahMie Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago
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    7 years ago:
    The final version still has a problem. We got the following error at the time of the start of this map. "bad inline model number 125,worldmodel not yet setup" And TF2 client crash :(

  • Sgt.Sausage avatar
    Member Joined 7 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:
    Great map, very fun but you need some spawn move forwards for both teams and make it overall smaller in someareas. Its way to big sometimes and alot of walking.

    Or make some really good spawn moves.

  • CALFunWolfwood avatar
    Member Joined 10 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:
    Well balanced map. This map can go anyway depending on your team. Very fun


    [WTF] Wolfwood |brb.u| avatar
    [WTF] Wolfwood |brb.u|
  • NotGeoff avatar
    NotGeoff Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    160 points Ranked 17176th
    Report post
    7 years ago:
    Pros: Unique theme, attractive design Cons: SNIPERS SNIPERS EVERYWHERE Improvements: More cover? Notes: I hate payloads, but I love you Caff <3


  • Markntosh II avatar
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:
    Yes! THIS is the map I've been looking for!

    All You Need Is Mods!
  • Acidpope avatar
    Acidpope Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    308 points Ranked 10831st
    Report post
    7 years ago:
    Nice map. Looks very good :) I put it on my PL only Server :)
  • TeRRaN[RUS] avatar
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    Report post
    7 years ago:
    Good map ^^

    Soul of Dark
  • jjjrmy avatar
    jjjrmy Offline
    Member Joined 8 years ago
    207 points Ranked 14400th
    8 medals 0 legendary, 1 rare
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    7 years ago:
    Looks nice, I will play it soon.

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    /* No Comment */


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Key Authors
Drunken Gun 007
Stage 2 & Detailing
Stage 1 & Entities
Physics & Detailing
Stage 1
Layout Concept


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DrunkenGun Offline
Member Joined 9 years ago
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7 years ago
Dec 21 2008 @ 7:07pm UTC
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7 years ago
Mar 10 2009 @ 2:26am UTC
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