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A 3-stage payload map for TF2

Map name: pl_cranetop
Author: Cybris (cybris at
Description: A 3-stage Payload map for Team Fortress 2
Technology: Standard textures and models, some extra textures

Known issues:
Last CP has the wrong color during 5 seconds of setup time. Probably Unfixable (it's a fake CP).
The Bomb doesn't go back down from the last tower. Fixable with a complicated entity setup.

Version history:

-- Beta 8 --
Fixed grayscale issue by deleting the color correction entity
Fixed monorail cart passing over ducked players
Fixed getting stuck on the large girders in stage 3
Fixed some bad displacements
Fixed getting stuck behind the barrels in the round room in stage 2
Fixed a hole in the upper floor of stage 3
Fixed the custom chalkboard texture showing up in other maps
Added small side rooms at stage 2 cap 2 to defuse that chokepoint
Added a small tunnel between stage 3 rocket room and the upstairs area
Added a bit more cover from snipers in stage 3
Remade the stairs that lead to the rocket tower
Used a different cart switching method for stage 3
More performance improvements for stage 3

-- Beta 7 --
Fixed grayscale display on map restart after stage 3 BLU win
Fixed the cart moving backwards too fast
Allowed more time for the server to change carts to eliminate the floating bomb bug
Moved stage 2 last cp a bit. Should be easier to capture now
Added entrances to stage 2 last cp room from the air vent area
Deleted the electric transformer room in stage 3 because the route was redundant
Deleted a redundant entrace to stage 3 from the BLU side
Slightly shortened the stage 3 mining tunnel
Added a bit of cover to RED spawn 3 so not everyone gets sniped when exiting the spawn room
Changed the area under the rocket room a bit, providing some space to hide spies or teleporters
For visual feedback the monorail cart is now destroyed when the crane picks up the bomb
Lots of performance improvements for the last room

-- Beta 6 --
Rotated the rocket tower and shortened stage 3 track
Enlarged the fenced area in the volcano
Readded steps to the upper ramp in stage 3 rocket dome
Reconstructed the upper stage 3 right side room with more cover
Added a room and two small tunnels to stage 3, deleted dropdown vent
Added another CP to stage 3 - it's fake (8 is max), but works mostly like a real one
Added more cover to stage 3 volcano dome side entrances
Moved the BLU blackboard so that it actually gets read
Fixed a faulty one-way door and added "Dead end" signs in stage 3
Fixed getting stuck on the cart at the switch to the monorail
Fixed invisible stairs being solid in stage 2 sewers
Fixed faulty stairs in stage 1 wooden warehouse
Fixed a small spot from where you could jump over the RED spawn wall
Converted some func_details to displacements or world brushes to free entities

-- Beta 5 --
Brutally reduced the number of entities to avoid "ED_Alloc: no free edicts"

-- Beta 4 --
Added a third stage
Added a mission briefing with text and screenshots
Added in-game instructions on crane operation via chalk boards
Lowered spawn times except on last CPs of the stages
Redesigned and enlarged back entrance room and back door to stage 2
Enlarged small steps in the entrance hall at CP 6
Enlarged small sewers at stage 2 RED spawn and added more signage
Enlarged RED spawn exit area on stage 1 and added some detail and a wall
Slightly moved stage 1 tracks so players can get between the cart and RED spawn
Added even more clips to doors, stairs and railings
Fixed getting stuck below the warehouse
Fixed dead end sewer pipes not being black
Fixed more occurences of getting stuck when being pushed by the payload
Changed some stairs to props
Made a number of optical changes

-- Beta 3 --
Fixed engineers being able to block spawn exits with teleporters
Fixed cart going past CP A3 without capping
Fixed bomb not dissappearing when it explodes
Fixed BLU spawn class-changing zone not extending to doors
Added more clips to doors
Added cubemaps for the office area
Added another plank to the bend
Added glow to most lights
Made sewer pipes easier to enter
Moved a blue arrow sign that was slightly misleading
Made a number of optical changes

-- Beta 2 --
Fixed cubemap problem by uploading the correct file this time ;-)
Added Hydro-style arrows
Added railings to the crane ramps
Reduced respawn times
Added some cover to the tunnel leading underground
Moved spawn points away from the door in stage 2 RED spawn
Added health and ammo to the small watchtower
Closed redundant wooden warehouse access
Added a board to the crate stack at the big bend
Moved CP A3 so that noone can get pushed through the blast door
Added more clips to prevent sticky door frames
Added a trigger_push under the payload touchdown zone
The crane fence now dissappears on capture
Fixed players getting stuck on the payload
Fixed stickies not bouncing off the payload
Fixed stickies not bouncing off the setup doors
Fixed cameras not looking at the correct CP
Fixed being able to stand on the fence at the large watchtower
Fixed beaing able to sticky jump on top of the milk building
Fixed visualizer textures
Fixed incorrect CP names
Compiled with HDR and built HDR cubemaps
Made the lights brighter
Made a number of optical changes

-- Beta 1 --
First release



  • 7y
    Arthurp avatar
    Arthurp Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    232 points Ranked 15392nd
    When will there be a final?
    farly new to mapping
  • 8y
    DarkSlayer443 avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    383 points Ranked 10470th
    Pros: Awesom map, just played it on a full server, had me thinking 'did valve make this map?' very good feels to it and most importantly great gameplay.
    Cons: Stages 1 and 2 (mainly 2) can be confusing the first few play throughs, and stage 2 gives the impression and feel it is the final stage.
    Improvements: This map is dam near perfect
    Notes: Perfect length, love the bomb transitions and a professional feel to the map. great work, keep it up :)


    Mapper avatar
  • 8y
    DontWannaName avatar
    Member Joined 10y
    1,621 points Ranked 2847th
    I used to have this on my server but I took it off since the last stage is way too big for TF2. Im waiting for the next version to fix the spacious area. Make it small and I will re-add it.
  • 8y
    Sgt.Sausage avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    I just got back into this map and still loving it.

    Just a quick question are you still working on it or are you done with it. I hope not because this is such a great map


  • 8y
    JC75 avatar
    JC75 Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    6,370 points Ranked 684th
    9 medals 1 rare
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    Suberb map,i love the idea,i love te style,its awesome!Please make more similar!

    PS i found a bug,if you crouch on the monorail,in the end of monorail track you will apparently get stuck in something.
  • 8y
    RoyRMS avatar
    RoyRMS Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    272 points Ranked 13675th
    Hey dude ur map was just showen on our forum & maybe will be used on the server so check this out we gave your credits!
    Bananite avatar
  • 8y
    JerichoJ avatar
    JerichoJ Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    The main thing I have noticed is a lot of people on blue stage one never ever notice the underground (far faster and superior) tunnels to their left, no matter how much I spam their existence.

    Is there some way to start some people staring straight at them? Or to label them "UNDERGROUND TUNNELS, TAKE ME!" If blue fails to perform on this point it is almost always due to missing this fact.
  • 8y
    Sgt.Sausage avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    Great map B8 IS fun.

    I think you should add some better signs or something because people just never know where to go and sometimes that's the only reason why we lose sometimes.

    I dont no why the maps not that complicated if you play it a few times i have memorized it.

    Otherwise great just some balance issues but i will play more and tell you where these issues are.


  • 8y
    JerichoJ avatar
    JerichoJ Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Hey, Your map is by far my favorite custom map, it is now in the rotation on all slaughterhouse servers. Thanks a lot for making it.

    The only big issue still facing it is once a team gets very good at cranetop, they will quickly learn to make their first order of business a rush behind enemy lines, to spawncamp. Today on every stage, a team of 3 blu pyros and 3 medics ran around and pinned the team in the base long enough that engineers could begin building level three sentries, and heavies could just line up outside to lay down suppressing fire. Everyone was heavy and trying to get out to no avail, ragequits abound.

    The map Needs multiple protected spawn exits (like blu gets at stage 1) and the ability to spawn without being in the line of fire. It's no fun to not get out of spawn for a round.

    I love the map though, its so complex, every time I play I find a new great spot to try out.
  • 8y
    Sgt.Sausage avatar
    Member Joined 8y
    Good job i looked at it and looks much better cant wait to play it but some servers still have b6 hopefully some will get b8 up.

    Looks like you fixed alot of stuff, glad to here this map is getting better make b9 one of the last betas so spend alot of time on this next one and really polish it and you will be good to go.




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