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fight for farmland v2

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A symmetrical 2on2 map set in a stereotypical american farmland.

READ ME FOR FIGHT FOR FARMLAND V2 (fightforfarmlandv2)
by [JMC] Mr. Calhoun

Name: FIGHT FOR FARMLAND V2 (fightforfarmlandv2)
Version: V 2.0 (August 25th, 2008)
Original date of creation: June 17th, 2006

1.0 *** How to install the map ***

Install the map by putting the "fightforfarmlandv2.mpr" into the following directory:

*Be aware:
Path might differ in other language or retail versions. Basically all you have to do is just putting
the map into the main folder of your Red Alert 2 installation.

2.0. *** Background Informations ***
Fight for Farmland V2 is a typical symmetrical 2on2 map. However I decided to let this map play
in an american farmland theme. In the middle of the map is a small village which is crossed by a rail road and
a road. The whole village is surrounded by crop fields. All players start outside of the village and the farmland.
Two players start at small farms. Another player starts at a drive-in cinema at the edge of the of the village
and the last remaining player starts in a city. The city gives him protection, but however also limits his available
build space.

3.0. *** Notes ***
- Feel free to play this map and share it with your friends.


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Key Authors
[JMC] Mr. Calhoun


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