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A Mayan themed "King of the Hill" map

After watching "Indiana Jones IV" at my job one day, I suddenly had the urge to create a temple themed map. This is the result of that urge. In all actuality, it only took a couple days to execute; however, I constantly found myself putting it off elapsing the development time to 1.5 months. \/Read me\/ KotH Mayan Depths (Release version 1) How to win: Take control of the center control point, aka "The Hill", and hold it for a total of 6 minutes. The individual teams timers do not reset, allowing for a game to last around a maximum of 12 minutes possible (not including the time it may take for a team to take control of "The Hill" first). The timer that appears on the hud is for the team that currently controls the point. ---Due to issues with the engine, only one timer can be on the screen at a time, and the timer cannot be removed from the screen on a new round. Author: Ncyphe ( Description: This is a Mayan theme map, featuring a medium size indoor arena. Loaded with plenty of pillers to be used as cover, and anti-spawn camping set-up. Notes: I'm well aware that the hieroglyphs in this map are actually Egyption; however, with my current time frame, actually finding material files with Mayan hieroglyphs proved to be futile. Since both language sets share the same name, I went ahead and used them for detail purposes. Also, remember to rate this map at **Install: Just extract the .bsp into "team fortress/tf/maps" directory. All custom map iles and the .txt are merged with the .bsp and will unload upon loading the map into the client. Credits: Map design by: Ncyphe Custom textures credited to: Sock ( and his prefab: obtained from the site "The Wadfather" Textures modified and converted to Source format by: Ncyphe Enjoy! Extra: On a side note, I realize that the materials in this map do not have the best of quality . . . or bump maps; however, I found these from an old HL1 texture site and converted them myself. Edit: Also, if many of you show interest, I can even turn this map into a fastCTF map as well.



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    Posted by crazychicken

    Style looks good but i think it needs more depth rather than 2 oppposing rooms and a fight in the middle, will try it and give appraisal

    I had actually thought about using this style for a temple themed PL map. Somewhere around the story of, "Red has moved into a remote, somewhat, hidden Mayan temple, using one of the sacrficial pits as a launch silo. Use one of the burial chambers and the excavation rails to reach and destroy the nuclear payload."

    It may take me some time, but if I do enough planning, I should be able to pull it off.

    Note about this map: With this map, I was going for more of visual rather than play style, as you can see with the heavy amount of visual appeal.
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    Future game dev, in study
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    Style looks good but i think it needs more depth rather than 2 oppposing rooms and a fight in the middle, will try it and give appraisal
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    Very nice detail and texture usage, looks like it takes awhile to get to the action though. Ill add to my server rotation. ^^
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Hammer editor for the mapping
VTF edit and Photoshop for the material conversions and customization

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