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This map is based on the flying battleship Whitebase from the famous Japanese anime Gundam. It is a 3CP Gravel Pit type attack and defense map. However, on this map Red are the attackers and Blue are the defenders, this is to suit the source material where the forces who reside in (and would therefore be defending) Whitebase wear blue uniforms and their enemies, who would be the attackers, wear red uniforms. A and B need to be capped before C, but once the attacking Red team captures either A or B, a pathway through the middle of the base will open up. This allows them to attack the remaining CP from both sides Once A and B are both captured the engine section at the back will open up, and C can be attacked from both the front and back. Falling off of the battleship will kill you, so be careful with your jumps! Haro, a small round robot character from the Gundam anime, can be found at C. Haro works like a mobile dispenser and can provide metal as well as replenish health and ammunition. In order to offset this, there isn't much metal/ammunition or health lying about for the defenders. Haro is set to low gravity, and you are able to move him around by shooting him, so use him to your advantage and to help out your teammates by moving him to the areas where you need him. The resupply is intentionally set far from the CPs in order to make players depend more on using Haro to achieve victory.



  • 9y
    I really like it so far and especially love the Gundam theme. Thanks!


  • 9y
    Smalls avatar
    Smalls Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    This is DIODIO's best map next to Wacky Races!! I love punching/shooting Haro around. LOL
  • 9y
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    Logan Dougall avatar
    Logan Dougall
    Half Life Storm Flag
    Half Life Storm
    Whitebase, in 3d interactive environment. Very nice man, very nice.
    √úberStylers {...} ~/clubs/1947
  • 9y
    MangyCarface avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    1,083 points Ranked 4289th
    Hey, for what might be called a gimmicky environment, you've taken this with a good level of seriousness. It seems you've recreated your goal fairly accurately. CP C is definitely the best part of the map.

    You seem to have some lighting issues with some of your props. Try adding an info_lighting near them and then setting their lightsource to be the name of the nearest info_lighting.

    Keep up the good work!

    8/10 Moderator
  • 9y
    DJive avatar
    DJive Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    101 points Ranked 27476th
    Interesting looking, im normally a wicked honest critic with maps, the one looks promising, the fact that its in beta also shows you care about feedback. looking forward to it!.

    small note, a bunch of the textures look a bit over used and misaligned.


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