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Symmetrical war zone in a casino & strip club

Title : fy_slut_machine_beta File Name : fy_slut_machine_beta.bsp File Size : 19.4 MB (uncompressed) Author(s) : SM Sith Lord Date of Release : June 2008 Email Address : Website Address : Description : This is a beta of a small to medium sized symmetrical deathmatch level which uses the resources from de_vegas_css. The beta is called FY, but it does have buy zones and the only gun laying on the ground is an AWP in the very center of the map. There are NO hostages or bomb targets. Please leave feedback on the FPSBanana post for this map. I will make my best attempt to get all reasonable requests and suggestions into the final version. There will be GG, FY, and possibly DE and AWP versions of this map when it is completed. Story : The Wolrd Series of Poker is being held at Casino High Times, but when the last two remaining players accuse eachother of cheating, the symmetrical casino/strip club quickly becomes an all out AWP whore war zone. Additional Credits : All the beta testers of the de_vegas_css from the [DoP] High Times server, and [DoP] Vulgar because he's probably gonna get some people to play this beta for me.



  • 9y
    Very nice map. When I first glanced at the textures I thought this was a remake of Vegas. Do you have any plans on making this level larger (like Vegas)

    The textures you used or topnotch imo.
    Very nice indeed.
  • 9y
    santabease avatar
    santabease Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    221 points Ranked 16111st
    Pros: So so detailed the map looks really good and very realistic as a sort of casino place .
    Cons: Maybe there is to much props and brushes around making it hard to see others. Maybe to detailed imo
    Improvements: i think the map looks great i havnt had a chance to play it yet but i will by the looks of it looks like it could be a bit laggy because its just so detailed but im not sure.
    Notes: The detail of the map is just amazing nice one.


    Why you little!
  • 9y
    Greyfrog_Design avatar
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    - try to work on better FPS performance. For example the fog makes it laggy sometimes.

    personally i have never heard of this being true. Fog in essence, shortens the amount rendered on the Pc. This will give better frame rates.
    Prefab Moderator - SauceMan avatar
    Prefab Moderator - SauceMan
  • 9y
    VULGAR avatar
    VULGAR Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Aww shit... jea E..
    DoP in da house..
    I'll pop this on da server tonight fo sho
  • 9y
    GusMac avatar
    GusMac Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    1,710 points Ranked 2718th
    Looks spectacular but im not sure about some of the texture choices - mixing inside and out - havnt made my mind up about if it looks really out of place or pretty good yet ill hav to see it ingame on my pc to see for sure. remind me if i forget cos ill assess it too.
    better for being baked avatar
    better for being baked
  • 9y
    TempletonPeck avatar
    Member Joined 10y
    3,063 points Ranked 1485th
    I would really like to see a gungame Version of this Map although i think that there are some changes which have to be made.

    - try to work on better FPS performance. For example the fog makes it laggy sometimes.
    - even for a gungame map its too complex at the moment. the side areas should be made more symetrical although i would look not as good as in this version, but for a fast gungameplay these areas are too much. avatar


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