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TWO ROUND attack/defend cp map

NOTE: 3rd Round under progress!! Also fixes on first 2 rounds have been done. An underwater station is under attack! Welcome to cp_aqua. (2 round attack/defend) -Most custom textures done by Kelrog -THANKS a ton to the 3rd Oct server and members such as Ghost saw and Katous for countless hours playtesting and refining. ( -Map takes 25 minutes to compile -I hope everyone likes the change of theme from desert. p.s. thanks to de_inferno in CS:S for fish model



  • 8y
    This map is fun! You just have to play it a lot to get to know it. It'll discourage players that like knowing maps quickly, but reward players with patience.

    It's a bit tough to play with few players (12 and down) because the attacking team can cap really easily if they rush.

    The water is the most confusing part imo.

  • 8y
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    Hey from a plugin standpoint, the fullround bool should not be firing between the first and second stage, only if blu wins the second stage.

    This is in the teamplay_round_win event

    that can mess up plugins that rely on accurate reporting of 'full rounds'

    Otherwise, its kinda small, and confusing, looks good
  • 8y
    Limisios avatar
    Limisios Offline
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    Pros: Impressive and fun use of water.
    Cons: Can be tricky to work out which way to go at times.
    Improvements: Try to vary the textures used in different areas of stage 1 to make it easier to tell them apart.


  • 9y
    Pros: Unique design, great looks.
    Cons: A bit too small.


  • 9y
    Arthurp avatar
    Arthurp Offline
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    Pros: Mostly every thing
    Cons: Apart from its a bit dark and easy to demo spam.


    farly new to mapping
  • 9y
    kelrog avatar
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    Thanks man!
    Posted by cssflames
    Kelrog and Woodbulb are awesome 3rdoct ftw.


  • 9y
    Flamez avatar
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    Kelrog and Woodbulb are awesome 3rdoct ftw.
  • 9y
    Fragimus_Max avatar
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    Pros: A really fun map that's nice to look at and runs smoothly. Awesome lighting, cool special effects, and a *beautiful* outdoor industrial control point makes this map standout from most community releases.

    Cons: Yup, it's too fast to cap. The valley area can be hard if you've got some good Engy's on hand, but otherwise, it's a straight shot through. The map also seems a bit too linear as well, caused by an overall lack of routes and paths to each objective. This may be a huge factor in why it seems so unbalanced. You can put two paths in there, but if they both converge right in front of the same CP and don't branch off, there's hardly a benefit.

    Improvements: Something needs to be done with the signage. Players seem to get lost even though the map isn't all that difficult to navigate. I also think the author can do a bit better on some of the texturing (sizing). Although the lighting is awesome, it does get to be too much sometimes. So much, that it stops looking like a TF2 map and more like an Unreal map in certain areas. Tone it down a bit. Wash the map with colors, and make sure they aren't too distracting or intense.

    Notes: I don't think I've played CTF_Freezers, but now you've got me curious. I'll be checking that one out soon. Keep 'em coming!


    Developer / Map Critic
  • 9y
    jimmysmitty avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    344 points Ranked 11628th
    Pros: Great map and one my clan server plays a lot. Very unique idea with a lot of advanced details that are rarely seen in most maps.
    Cons: It is a bit too easy for the offense to win most of the time
    Improvements: I think one problem is that the CPs cap too fast. Making them take a bit longer would help the defense a bit.
    Notes: My clan mates and me have played this a lot. I love the little details you added like the creatures from HL/HL2 and the Pyro welding under water and the waterfall as well.

    Overall the map is amazing. Needs a bit of balancing but its a great looking map and I hope you keep up doing good no matter what people say. Remember experience takes time and you seem to have a lot of it.


    Who is your daddy and what doe
  • 9y
    Genuineduck avatar
    Member Joined 9y
    First off, GREAT job on the aesthetics side of the spectrum. You really hit it home with the design, detail, ambiance, and atmosphere.

    However, I feel that the map is too biased against defense. I have played Aqua on my server and others many different times with different people; some of whom knew the map like the back of the hand and some who didn't. But it never changed.. offense always won. And no, the defense weren't bad players, because as soon as they lost and switched to O they dominated right back.

    I really tried to like Aqua, I really wanted to. But sadly any true gamer knows gameplay comes before graphics and in that category Aqua falls right on its face with horrible balance. I would love to see a future update tweak the map possibly to create a more equal experience, because this map really deserves it.



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