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8/6 wacky_races_v2 Most of the changes have been made to make the map more balanced and more enjoyable for everyone playing. Changes ・Added respawn rooms. Up until now players spawned in a random spot on or inside the trucks, but now they spawn in spawn rooms and can use teleporters decide which area of the truck to teleport to (indicated by images). ・Changed the strength/hitpoints of the final gate to 1.5 times that of v1. ・If a truck is hit by the cannon, it will be reduced to it's minimum speed for 7-12 seconds. It will not speed up during this time even if a driver is present in the driver's seat. ・Made the background music selectable. Shooting the blue boxes above the starting line will show the song titles and change the selected background music. ・Fixed a number of other bugs. 5/25 I updated a map. 1 A car changed * I installed a step in the car. * I set up a dispenser function in the cart of GOLDRUSH. * Some speed become slow when they shoot a tire. * The speed becomes a little slower when I shoot an engine. * I made the acceleration of the car early. 2 The last door was red, blue separate doors, but became 1. 3 I made a cannon. 4 I installed a passage in the highway part. 4/12 I revised it newly. * It solved the problem that a server crashed. * One lap is a goal when I do it. It was not a CTF method. If one's car arrives at a goal line, it is victory. * I attached a decoration to the map in various ways. * The first obstacle did not operate unless a car came near. * When a car approaches, the second gate comes to close and can destroy it from there. I went ahead and cannot remove an obstacle and revised that I was advantageous if I knew a map. This map is a race game unlike a conventional rule. I run red, a blue trailer, and it is a race going around the goal earlier than an enemy. A flag wins by default at 3 points 1 point forward when I bring a car to the neighborhood of goal when I take it to a goal line because I appear. While a car runs, respwn becomes it in a car. Speed rises when I attack a steering wheel. Speed declines when I attack the front engine of the car of the enemy. When it is attacked the internal driver's seat of the car, I largely do speed down. It is to attack the car of the enemy earlier than an enemy to arrive at the goal. I think that speed to catch up with is easy to be fast for an infighting. There are the bascule bridge which cannot pass unless I switch it on on the way or the gate which cannot advance unless I break it. When the difference of the enemy is big, a door is open and gets possible to shoot a cannon. There are some differences by a blue team and the red team, but does not do the measures now. Because the reason is because it is easy to drive fast a case to run after from behind. I made it the balance that I came close as much as possible, and could fight. There may be still malfunction in what think to be a few map so far,; but feedback thanking you in advance. In addition, I do not understand English. Therefore I think that there is the strange place because I use translation software.



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    ShadoW ^^ Offline
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    What are some other maps in this style(racing)?
    P.S. Except Balloon race.
    ?? ?????? / from Russia avatar
    ?? ?????? / from Russia
  • 8y
    Acidpope avatar
    Acidpope Offline
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    Nice work and good idea ;)

    but ppl on my server dont know how to get the last point, so i must delete map from rotation. map comes and ppl leave server :(
  • 8y
    Smalls avatar
    Smalls Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    The song is Give Me!~LIVE_F.K.~ from the SHAKEII soundtrack (track 09).
  • 9y
    shoey avatar
    shoey Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    What is that crazy song running in the background???? Everyone who's played this map wants to know!
  • 9y
    E5Ky avatar
    E5Ky Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Pros: Lurv it. great concept the perfect map for a drunken night.
    Cons: The song could quite possibly make you go mad listened to long enough. The last portion this big black void that you shoot into for hours :(. Needs some work

    Improvements: Add another song or two be good if their was a radio staion somewhere ;) Fix that last portion. maybe a dd one or two other obstacles
    Notes: worthwile giving it a dig. Some tweaking needed IMO but still very playable


    Map Tester
  • 9y
    NM Jeff avatar
    NM Jeff Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Pros: Very fun. Favorite custom TF2 map.
    Cons: Sometimes difficult to get into the car. No READ ME.
    Improvements: Make it easier to get into the car. Not a problem for me, but putting in a READ ME on how to install the map may be needed for the newer crowds.
    Notes: More servers need to host this map!


    NM Jeff
  • 9y
    KiinnostusKomppu avatar
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    This map is awesome 10/10.


    Bananites like bananas
  • 9y
    ghb70005 avatar
    ghb70005 Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Pros: Uniqueness!
    Cons: It’s not played enough!!!
    Why isn’t it on more servers? I don’t get it, it’s an awesome map!!
    Improvements: The recent update is great..good job.
    I like more accessories like canons and such. Whether there actually useful or not, it’s fun to explore. Hard to maneuver around the car in motion, but you probably can’t do anything about that.

    Notes: Thanks for making this map


  • 9y
    cscox avatar
    cscox Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Can you tell me what the great song that is playing in the background for this map? Also the artist please. Thanks for this great map! I enjoy playing it a lot.



  • 9y
    One of the best maps ever :D
    Novice Map Maker


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