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cs_harborbank final

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SPAWNPOINTS: 32 terrorist, 32 counter-terrorist, 64 total. DESCRIPTION: The terrorists heist of the Harbor Bank has ran into a hitch: they can't get into the vault. Out of desperation they have taken four bank tellers hostage and demanded no police within one city block. You are free to navigate a full 360 degrees around the exterior of the bank as you see fit, but beware of long range weapon fire. If you get pinned down by snipers, you are advised to use the city's underground drainage system to get yourself to a better position. It has entrances at every corner of the map. The bank structure itself is the recommended zone for enemy encounterment. Its upstairs halls and offices should provide sufficient cover for you and your men using even short-range weapons. The first floor lobby and vault room are more suited for mid-ranged weapons. The hostage rescue zone is located AT THE HARBOR BOAT DOCKS. INTEL has determined this is the only feasible escape route to get the hostages to safety. NOTICE: Due to the "free-roam" nature of this map and the consistent level of detail, some find that it can run sluggish on slower machines. I suggest you try lowering your Counter-Strike advanced video settings if you find yourself with unsatisfactory framerates. TITLE: CS:S Map - cs_harborbank (FINAL VERSION) AUTHOR: SM Sith Lord E-MAIL: WEBSITE: FILENAME: cs_harborbank.bsp BSP FILESIZE: 28.9 MB DATE RELEASED: January 8th, 2007 PRODUCTION LENGTH: A little over 3 months. CREDITS: The beta testers Beefcaike, Porkchop, Gnarlydewd, Master Yoda, Decoy, PJB, DJ DTM, Mister Moe, Psycho Pervazoid, dP Stu, and anybody else who might have wondered into a test game. Special thanks to the people who hosted my early alpha versions |NKM|Porkchop on the victoria server, dP Stu on his personal server, Master Yoda on his personal server. The telephone sound used was taken from the cs_cabaret resources in my steam folder, hopefully nobody minds. :D ty.



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    Hi, mates! Here is a manually optimized (hand-tuned) and fully place painted NAV-file for this awesome map. Play and Enjoy! :-) Also Great Thanks to SM Sith Lord for his Great Work!
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    Manager of Migrating Lemmings
  • 5y
    USF|Jack avatar
    USF|Jack Offline
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    Awesome Map !!!
    thumbs up!
  • 9y
    We tried this map out and asteically pleasing, most players were getting a maximum of 30 fps during the game, making it very unplayable and at times we had 11fps.

    BAD considering I run over 100fps on dust maps.

    So Nice looking, but unplayable with more than 20 players and laggy as hell when above 40
    Team Leader of the LARGEST UK
  • 9y
    Bov avatar
    Bov Offline
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    This map is gorgeus! Great map dude, love the lighting.


  • 10y
    oddball600 avatar
    oddball600 Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Pros: Exellent, nice open map where you have loads of ways optional.
    Cons: a bit too big sometimes
    Improvements: none


  • 10y
    Cobalt avatar
    Cobalt Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    Absolutely amazing!


    Old School Bananite avatar
    Old School Bananite
  • 10y
    mookie gc avatar
    mookie gc Offline
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    Map looks great. FPS is so low looking in some directions that it couldn't be considered for a pub with the hardware most people are playing on now. Layout looks a little convoluted but that's hard to judge without getting players onto the map.


  • 10y
    LocutusH avatar
    LocutusH Offline
    Member Joined 12y
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    It would be a good map, because it has good graphics, good layout... but the fps sucks soooo hard, that its unplayable on the servers :(
    In some areas the map lags very bad, so that the screen fades black, and back again, as the player had just joined...
    You must really work on the fps, i had to remove this map from our server, since the whole server was lagged because the ppl get too low fps.


    Time is the fire in wich we bu
  • 10y
    fistsoffury avatar
    Member Joined 11y
    This is really good. Now, to run it for shit!
    Listen to Slayer
  • 10y
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    I built cube maps for both HDR and LDR. I run in HDR mode and they work fine for me.
    Kill Every All


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