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  • Added no-build zones to clean up building placement.
  • Cleaned up the lighting a little bit.
  • Added some placeholder textures to represent the current of the water at C
  • Made hill movement and level flooding more frequent.
  • Added observer points for spectating.
  • Tweaked the force of the water's current during floods at C.
  • Fixed water reflectivity.

Welcome to my test release of koth_flood2, a dynamic king of the hill map that switches itself up with a hill that changes locations, floods of water, torrents of lava and other dynamic elements! I'll be periodically updating this release until it resembles a completed map, making necessary tweaks and fixes along the way.

- 3 interconnected arenas that the map will move the hill between during gameplay. Think of cp_standin, only with a single hill that moves between the 3 main areas.
- Periodic floods of water and lava that will alter the face of the map, creating alternate routes and deadly hazards!
- No prop spam this time! (Ok, maybe a little prop spam, but it ain't no koth_warehouse!)
- Rudimentary bot support (though the poor things are quite confused by the dynamic elements of the map and will often try to tenderly caress crates or run head first into certain death. Delightfully).
- Pyroshark approved!

[How it Currently Works]
At the beginning of the round, the hill is randomly set to one of the three locations. After the first capture, the hill will move to a different location every 60 seconds.

Water and lava will also flood and drain from the map every 90 seconds.

[To-do List]
- Add sound effects and more diverse soundscaping.
- Detailing, detailing, detailing!
- 3D Skybox (aka more #@$!ing detailing).
- Include HDR.
- Create a deathmatch version at a later date and perhaps a control point version that operates like cp_standin.

[Story Time]
Quite some time ago I made a map called dm_flood, which was a rather spammy attempt at creating a dynamic deathmatch map to switch things up during long play sessions.

A few people recommended me to convert the map to koth, despite it not really being designed for it. koth_flood was born. Thanks to somebody recommending me to throw the resulting map into the April Fools event of 2013, it caught a lot of attention with some hilarious reactions and enjoyed a short period of popularity with quite a few servers running the map daily, which was highly unexpected and witnessing it all happen was super nice.

Since that time I've been wanting to make a proper follow-up and have attempted to do so several times, but kept falling short of doing so for a variety of reasons. But after recently getting back into the mood for mapping and having a brain wave, I'm finally getting around to it. Better late than never I guess!

Hope you enjoy and I'll see you on the lava engulfed battlefield!



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You're welcome to decompile the map to inspect it and create derivative maps if you want, though I'd personally recommend doing so when the map is closer to a finished state. Either way do what you wish, though in any case crediting me as the original map author is appreciated ;)

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