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Multi-Man Smash No Moving Platform

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The Multi-Man Smash stage has a moving platform that carries an item across the stage every 30 seconds regardless of your item settings.

This mod effectively removes the platform by making it take over a million years to appear. This is meant to be used with any other stage mod ported over Multi-Man Smash. Not wifi-safe.



  • 16hr
    Alfas avatar
    Alfas Offline
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    Is it possible to remove Kongo Jungle 64's barrel using this method?
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  • 5d
    Sonrio224 avatar
    Sonrio224 Offline
    Member Joined 1y
    323 points Ranked 11986th
    does this actually work? i can't seem to port over this stage. it keeps crashing. any advice?
  • 20d
    Yeldarb avatar
    Yeldarb Offline
    Member Joined 9mo
    145 points Ranked 21379th
    Does it actually take one million years for the item platform too appear? 
  • 20d
    sonicbrawler avatar
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    huh. i guess thats an easier way compared to what i was doing, which was 0ing everything out. smart way. probably didnt take as long too. nice. 


    Sm4sh Modder
  • 20d
    rangersfan65555 avatar
    Member Joined 7mo
    218 points Ranked 16139th
    Can you do the same thing with the giant bob-omb?
  • 20d
    rangersfan65555 avatar
    Member Joined 7mo
    218 points Ranked 16139th
    Sweet, that's a creative way to fix this. To everyone who is wondering. If you port a stage over this, like shadow moses island like I did, then this platform would still appear no matter what you did and an item would be on it regardless of item settings. This removes that
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  • 20d
    "The platform takes 1 million years to appear"
    So around the time i get a gf?
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    Weeb Trash
  • 20d
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    Doesn't this just... essentially make it Battlefield?
  • 20d
    dorito guy * avatar
    Member Joined 1mo
    542 points Ranked 7847th
    why you did this ? that platform was the fun part of the stage besides the wacky ítems like the giant bomb , well , that's my opinion , i'd want a wifi safe melee-styled multiman-smash , so there's something different between these 2
  • 20d
    Just Miles avatar
    Just Miles Offline
    Member Joined 8mo
    258 points Ranked 14371st
    Does Multi Man Smash work with stages over Battlefield like Fountain of Dreams? Or are we going to have to manually do all that stuff?


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