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Zombie Survival Dustbowl

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Version 5 (zs_dustbowl_v5)
  • Some minor texture changes.
  • Removed the accidental hiding spot at the end of zone B and changed the position of secret button 5.
  • Deleted rock models that casted bad lighting and replaced them with solids.
  • Custom partially invisible overlays now appear in crucial doorways so it is harder to get lost.
  • Some minor model visibility fixes.
  • Slopes at the start of zone B have been fixed and can no longer be built on.
  • Added several safe areas at the end of zone A so Medics have a chance.
  • Some minor model and overlay positioning changes.
Version 4 (zs_dustbowl_v4)
  • Nerfed several hiding spots in zone C.
  • Improved existing lighting and added new lighting in all zones.
  • Moved buttons 2, 3 and 5 and edited objective delays.
  • Secret area boundaries added so gameplay is undisturbed.
  • Made a one-way door from A to B accessible by both teams, and adjusted the mines on the other side to be more defensible.
  • Removed the Lumberyard shack from zone A.
  • Edited skybox and environment props.
  • Added a push so the BLU team cannot enter the one-way door through the other side while open.

Thank you so much for making Zombie Survival Dustbowl get Gamebanana's "Today's Pick" on the 24th of March 2017!

It is finally here. The mammoth of all Zombie Survival maps, Dustbowl, is now available for public play-testing. All three zones of the original map have been rolled into one full stage, medics spawning at zone A and engineers spawning at zone C, with an underground tunnel bridging A and C together. Because of it's gigantic map size, Dustbowl is destined to be the most varied of all Zombie Survival maps in terms of hiding spots, and gives engineers ample time to escape from unsafe areas.
To play this map by yourself, open the map in TF2, pick a class and type "tf_bot_add" then "sv_gravity 400" if you want to be able to double jump (without quotations). To play this map with others, visit Rushy Servers.

Secret Access

You want to be the one man who discovers the hidden bonus of the map new to Version 3? Well you're in luck, because the instructions are all here. Be warned though, it can be very dangerous attempting to pull off the incredibly strategic objectives needed to activate the bonus, so make sure your Engineer buddies are rallied up and ready to assist you in your adventures, and that you have memorised the path from start to finish so travel is quicker. There is no room for Engineer co-operation, since the objectives have lengthy delays, so follow the steps below with a single lead Engineer elected. Do not attempt as a Medic, for the objectives will not work for you.
  • First, you should shoot the bleeding clock. You can do this as an Engineer while you are frozen in spawn. This step is required in order for the ordered buttons to register.
  • Locate buttons 1 through to 3 and hit them, then you can either use the Eureka Effect to warp back to spawn, travel from A to C the risky way, or travel through B for a slightly safer but longer trip.
  • Locate buttons 4 and 5 and hit them. A hatch will open nearby if you have done everything correctly after 5 seconds.

Version 1

This section of the description documents the changes made in Version 1 of Zombie Survival Dustbowl. For future changes, please refer to the updates log of this post. As usual, feedback is greatly appreciated (especially video feedback), and will help improve broken/unfair map mechanics.
  • Clips blocking off the seperate zones removed.
  • All control points, doors and related entities deleted.
  • Added tunnel between zone A and C, creating a circular map.
  • Completely blocked off access to zone A shack because of indoor lighting issues. Added boxes and extra ledges to replace the shack's railway tracks.
  • Removed all railway tracks and unnecessary mine-carts because of lighting issues.
  • Added drop-down from upper tunnel near shack to previously inaccessible lower tunnel near zone A final control point.
  • Added a ramp to zone B's first building and removed door beneath first zone B control point.
  • Removed one room and hollowed out the window of zone B's second building.
  • Bumps added between displacements due to lighting issues.
  • Clips above and behind zone B's final control point removed.
  • Glass textures removed in order to save compile time.
  • Access to highest point of zone C walkways prohibited with the use of a closed roller door.
  • Connected both tech-rooms in zone C.
  • Increase the height of the sniping area in zone C, thus creating a second entry for crouching players.
  • Many models removed and replaced with solids because of lighting issues.
  • Restricted access to only one part of zone C spawns.
  • Clips near zone C spawns removed, allowing access to areas previously blocked by mesh or invisible walls.
  • All clips smoothed to prevent players getting accidentally stuck.

Map design, textures and models all by Valve Coorporation. Modifications to suit Zombie Survival by Jack (Jack5) Stringer.




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