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***Does not require any additional content! Everything you need is included!*** 

This is a large map consisting of an open plaza, an office skyscraper, a hotel, an extensive underground concourse, a subway station, a bank, a police station, several shops, a first aid station, and a network of underground mechanical areas. This map can be used for RPing, posing, machinma, exploring, and just generally dicking around. 

This map utilizes content from: 

- Half Life 2 and its episodes 
- Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 
- Team Fortress 2 
- Counter-Strike: Source 
- NeoTokyo 
- Black Mesa 
- Mirror’s Edge 

As well as content created by: 

- TopHATTwaffle ( 
- Rickler ( 
- Xhizor 
- Ajacks 
- acegikmo 
- Spartan One 
- talo 
- arleitiss 
- And of course, yours truly 

(I want to give everyone appropriate credit, but I could only add those I found GameBanana profiles for in the Authors section).

No copyright infringement is intended by releasing this map for download. All content used has been used for the sole purpose of enhancing the quality of map. Some content has been modified from its original state. I apologize to anyone I forgot to credit or credited incorrectly! 

I would also like to give special thanks to cfoust, the creator of Propper. This software was used extensively in the creation of this map, and it would not have been possible without it.


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    6 months ago:
    It looks Nice, would be good for roleplay maybe

    EDIT: would you Mind to Upload it to Steam Workshop, or i could do it, cause my Friends are too "Stupid" To add a Map from Gamebanana to Gmod -.-


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