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KF-Dead In Limbo

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Version 1.1
  • Tweaked colision elements on the broken wall section to hopefully improve movement and prevent players getting stuck.
  • The Ferryman now has a lot more things to say! (randomized flavor text) Try visiting him from time to time.
  • Fixed a collision bug in the incinerator rooms that caused players to be able to clip through the walls and fall to their death. This should no longer happen (thanks pwnstarr for discovering this)
  • Minor tweaks to shadows and draw elements.
  • Moved an invisible desk, floating in the sky, and put it where it belongs inside the mansion next to the side exit.
  • Added a pillar beneath the broken floor section of the tower, next to the cogwheel. Just for consistency's sake.
  • Added faint blood flow sound effects to the basement section.
  • Added a blood spewing pipe on the lower portion of the outside of the mansion. Because blood!
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Even in death you shall find no rest

You are dead. The Zed have finally won. But even in death you shall find no rest, for your soul is trapped in Limbo, where it must battle more Zed for a second chance of life. Or eternal damnation!

Dead in Limbo is a small arena-style map with stomach-churning visuals and brutal design. There is no mercy as you struggle to survive not only againts the Zeds, but also the environment itself. The map is your enemy just as much as the lumbering monsters. Multiple areas are designed to make your (un)life even more miserable with fire, sawblades, moving floors and ledges leading into the bubbling ocean of blood below. Whichever deity governs this place clearly wants nothing more than to grant you final death.

Perhaps most disturbing are the legends speaking of a dark secret hidden somewhere in the arena; a horrifying room desecrated by ancient entities throughout the aeons. Those who have seen it have not lived to tell the tale. Will you be the first?


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Key Authors
Map design, building, production
Initial design concept


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Date Added
10 months ago
May 30 2016 @ 5:36pm UTC
Date Modified
10 months ago
Jun 3 2016 @ 5:08pm UTC
Date Updated
10 months ago
Jun 3 2016 @ 5:05pm UTC


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