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I want to say special thanks to #Bob Proctor (The guy who made incrediable videos so I listen to 
them when I was making the map) the same is for #Robin Sharma... I really enjoyed to do maps 
and in the same to listen to their incrediable records....

About the map!

It's not something very big, large or something like this it's one pretty nice map which can be 
used for both mods creative and survivor... It can be for other mods which will come in the near future!

The films which I watched which made me to make this map, the books which I read which make my day wonderful...

For My Father!

The guy who died, before few weeks. I want to say Thanks to him, for the lessons which he show me,... the stuff which he done for me... and everything else!

Not the best,
Not the wisest,
But great father!


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Mark Tven
Special Thanks
Robin Sharma
Bob Proctor
My Father


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Mark Tven
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Date Added
11 months ago
Apr 13 2016 @ 9:21am UTC
Date Modified
11 months ago
Apr 13 2016 @ 9:22am UTC
Date Updated
11 months ago
Apr 13 2016 @ 9:21am UTC


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