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  • I changed some spawner assests, fixed some speciality spawners, deleted dead/problem spawners.
  • Added more surrounding detail to get rid of the "fish-bowl feeling".
  • Fiddled with ZED pathing when going onto the scaffolding.
  • Changed water material
  • Changed various materials
  • Changed basement fire to be closer & moved player block up
  • Chanegd boss spawn
  • Added spawn in the basement and new stairs to the ground floor
  • Changed outside light to a Dominant Directional Light & changed assets
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  • Cosmetic changes affecting the 1st floor.
  • Colliision settings on a hooked railing turned off to avoid trapping characters.
  • Found and eliminated some excess spawners and fixed speciality spawners.
  • Changed lighting effects.
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Historical Berlin location

So after some tweaking and bug fixing I'd like to re-present you all with my first level design (re-titled): KF-BackToBerlin (prior KF-Renovations). 

The layout is a bit square but that's because I based it on an actual building that used to exist. The "Normal Castle" was located on Mühlendamm in Berlin, Germany. Here's some little history & photos:

Within days the outbreak had spread it's way across Europe. Capital cities were flooded with Patriarch generals and their cloned legions of "children"-the Zeds. Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, Prague, Dublin, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw -- they were everywhere & resistance measures could only hold-out so long. Berlin, however, was fully overwhelmed. Hundreds of thousands of Kevin Clamely's creations surged through Berlin's streets. Neighboring countries initially sent what aid they thought they could spare. Whatever had been planned for Berlin was huge. 
 For weeks, Horzine attempted to create a foothold in Berlin. Helicopters where shot from the skies - engulfed in flames as they spiraled out of control. Trains derailed & wrenched open like tin cans. But, eventually, a weak point was found along the Spree. .50 Cal. MG-mounted patrol boats were able to secure a temporary route into the heart of East Berlin & reclaim a thought-to-be abandoned building on Mühlendamm. A Horzine renovations crew got to work immediately renovating the building as a forward HQ... That was until communications dropped a week ago...

Last but not least thanks to the Community. Not only for trying out my level & hopefully reporting any bugs promptly but also for all those who answered my questions when dealing with the SDK! Thanks KingKitNip, -MGS-Sniper, Swift Brutal Death, Liquid Arrow, Dragontear, Vampcinda, scootzilla, & any others I might have forgot; you all answering my questions really helped!



  • 11mo
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    Posted by Belorion

    Dosnt work. When the Map starts, everybody fall through the map and dies.
    Hey thanks for the heads up! Yeah that was a problem with the .udk file not loading; I had it happen while loading onto the Steam Workshop. I thought I had loaded the right file- sorry about that. Anyway I compressed and loaded the Published files from a successful Steam Workshop upload. Hopefully they work now!

  • 11mo
    Dosnt work. When the Map starts, everybody fall through the map and dies.
  • 1y
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    I found the first and third trader pods way too far away. After the first wave, I noticed a trader pod right there at the beginning, yet I had to run over 100m to find one.

    Second trader arrow didn't work, and I got lost. I was actually unable to find the trader pod at all. I also find the map generally too dark.

    The map has some great things going for it though, it has potential, but needs quite a bit of work before it could be played properly.



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sole creator


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10/10 by 1 rater


28.2.2016- I am working on an optimization & full splatter mapping update for the map. It will need some play testing before release and will require a .udk file. I will package them together and zip them to be as user-friendly as possible. A few graphical blemishes have also been corrected in the process. I just recieved some feedback about the Traderpathing and overall darkness - I will be tinkering with it.  I hope to havethe updatet out by the end of March. 

KF-Renovations was Trashed due to a Bug which post-publishing spread to the entire game. (Double doors would render with one door always 180 degrees upside-down) Panicking I trashed the level to prevent spreading this problem only to later find out it was Client-side and  wouldn't spread. Anyway I took a look back over the old project & reworked a few problem points.   I lost the old update data from Renovations so KF-BackToBerlin will start with a clean slate. I hope you enjoy! tracking pixel