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Final Version 3
  • Remove all tree collisions
  • Lowered custom music volume
  • Increase overall map stability
  • Added a button switch to unlock the biotic lab section of the map (mini-objective)
  • Added more collectables
  • Minor bugs fixes
Hello everyone!

Version 3 is live, and should fix any compatibility issues between the steam workshop and non-workshop versions. A large amount of changes have been made to the map changing the usual gameplay experience. The two doors that lead to the biotic lab have been closed off, now it is up to the player to search for a hidden switch somewhere inside the workshop. 

Switch location: Switch is located near the pool table, simply look at the monitor and press the E button to activate it.

Additional SFX by Zapslat -
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Final Version 2
  • Improved overall stability
  • Improved Zed pathing in the biotic lab double stairway section
  • Fixed misplaced objects in biotic lab area
  • Fixed Blood splatters in main hall stairway and biotic lab tunnel
  • Removed more unnecessary objects
  • Added more Christmas decorations & lab equipment in the biotic lab area
  • Added more collectables
  • Increased Zed spawn time (should decrease sudden attacks by Zed throughout the map)

Hello everyone!

Version 2 is live featuring more content for the underground biotic lab and general gameplay improvements. One of the biggest changes is that more Christmas decorations has been added in the biotic lab section of the map, giving a more overall Christmas look & feel throughout the entire map.

Please not that due to the new amount of objects added in the biotic lab area, the map size has slightly increased. That is all and I have you all enjoy it as much I did on creating it!

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An unofficial direct sequel to Killing Floor Santa’s Evil Lair, featuring tons of new custom content!

A Christmas-themed map based in Santa’s
Workshop.Story:After surviving Sant’s evil lair, our survivors find themselves once again stranded at the North Pole. Finally, after days of driving, they manage to find shelter hidden within an unusual forest area. Little did they know this would soon turn to be the beginning of their worst nightmare…


  • 5 randomized happy holiday custom music tracks!

  • Custom animations!

  • Custom textures!

  • Custom 3D models!

  • Two different areas to defend each with its own unique look!


Normal or Hard

Version: Final 3


Change Log:


Map is released


More added content for biotic lab section and overall gameplay improvements


3 is live, and should fix any compatibility issues between the steam workshop
and non-workshop versions, along with several bug fixes and improvements


Alternate Download Locations


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    Hello everyone! Big massive thanks for the feedback and trying out my map!

    So far I've been optimizing it even more (managed to get rid of 90mb!) and might add even more content such as allowing the player to visit the 1st floor of the main lobby.

    I've added more zed spawn point around the examination room, hopefully this will cause less camping in that room.

    Also I'll be looking at uploading any future versions on the Skillz Server direct FTP. Hope this will help any server admins interested on hosting my map!

    Like always ill be testing out the changes privately and will release newest version when everything seems stable. So make sure to keep and eye out for any changes!

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    Tested in suicidal

    Easy to camp underground in the lab where the Xmax Patriarch is.

    They just almost come only by the door. Not enough from the corridor.

    FPS optimizations very good!

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    We'll make our own Twisted Christmas update! With Blackjack and hookers!

    A Spiritual Successor


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The map uses custom music so make sure to lower the default music by going to Options -> Audio -> In-Game Music

Finally after week's of hard work I would like to present everyone the final and most stable version of the map yet! 

Make sure to check out regularly the update section for more information on the latest version.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me throughout the entire development of the map, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I on creating it.

Additional SFX by Zapslat -</a><o:p></o:p><br><br>

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