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CTF-Timeless-PRO (expand README to full screen, and enable word wrap to view format properly) ~~~~~~~~~~~~ File : CTF-Timeless-PRO.unr Author : Shawn "{TÐÇ}§£å¥ëR" Parsons Email : tdcslayer@hotmail.com Released : Jan. 22, 2004 Play Info ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Player Load : Was built for 5 vs 5 team play, but plays fine with a player load of 6 to 12. System Specs : Modern Systems will run this map fine. If you are still running a 32MB graphics card, with a pentium 3 800mhz processor and 128 mb of RAM...it's time you join the 21st century. "Upgrade". Build Time : It took a month of work (a few hours a day) to build Timeless, and as long again to upgrade it to "PRO". Although, seeing as how the framerates dropped, dispite antiportals I can't really see how there is anything "PRO" about it ;) Installation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Place the CTF-Timeless-PRO file into your "..\UT2003\Maps" directory. The other files are just screen shots, and this README file, which are for your viewing pleasure only, and not needed to run the map. Author's Notes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Timeless was my first released map. I released it at www.unrealplayground.com and got a review done for it, which can be found there, under "Reviews". The review was quite honest about many of the flaws in the map, and I took them to heart. I sat down and gave the map some of the "Care and attention" the reviewer called for... The map is designed for 5v5 TEAM play. Yes, that means co-operation. ** Low gravity will grant much better game play; the heights of most levels in the map are perfect for low-gravity wall jumps from lower levels. ** I have only ever played low gravity instagib games so I apologize in advance to the All Weapons players if my placement of the various weapons is not very good for game flow. I included them anyway more for the single players out there than the online pros… List of improvements in CTF-Timeless-PRO: ~ Ledge outside flag base (the window by the flag where everyone fell out) which allows a skilled (low grav) wall-jump in either direction all the way around the base. ~ Lifts replace stairs in courtyard which allows players to (low grav)lift-wall-jump to great heights landing on the roof of EITHER base. ~ Water pools removed in courtyard to cut down on needless FPS decreases ~ Fluid Surface altered so the wave height isn't so dramatic (unrealistic) and does not react to weapon shots. ~ Sunlight removed from GrandHall to fix "unrealistc 2 suns" look. ~ Grandhall rebuilt from ground up to allow for more dramatic texturing/architecture. ~ Bridges added in courtyard to connect bases to black buildings for improved sniping/reg grav play. ~ Almost every room/building got an upgrade in look/deco with 200+ brushes and meshes added to "fill out" the map, and add eye candy. ~ Lower room added in center building to reduce confusion of using the teleporter. Now there is time to tell which direction you need to go to get to your base, along with colored jump pads to help you get there ~ Improved sound. Torches make noise, 1 of the annoying bird sounds is gone, less wind over all (it put me to sleep). ~ Texture revamp. Many of the old basic textures have been replaced, or combined by better looking deals from the BarrensArchitecture pack. ~ Improved lighting. There are shadows in the courtyard now and lighting over all is more realistic. ~ Red/Blue glass panes on the bases themselves to help players decide which is thiers (since the GIANT Fuggin flags didn't seem to help!). ~ Antiportals added all over map, and improved Zoneing.




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