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Resistance is futile...

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  • Fixed the spawn lag
  • Fixed failure to display correct stage
  • Fixed an issue where overlays wouldn't be removed
  • Added clipping to most staircases
  • Stage 1 - fixed a pair of invisible ladders
  • Redesigned upgrade stations. Hopefully no more bugs!
  • hotfixed csgo3 (corrupt particles)
It's taken a little while for this, the upgrade station bug had me stumped for a while. However, that issue should be resolved.

You'll notice a dev texture ladder in stage 1. This is intentional, as due to filesize limitations, and also visibility, this felt like the right choice.


edit: looks like csgo3 had corrupted particles. Hotfixed with csgo4. I don't want to have to update this map again. SO this *should* be it
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  • General: Cleaned up a few removed music calls causing audio errors
  • General: Add missing particles: gravity2+3, sonicboom3 (please note ice1+2 have no particles, thats intentional)
  • General: Fixed particle animation: Fire1
  • General: FPS improvements - area portals and additional visability improvements
  • Stage 2: Fixed a potential server crash bug after the Cohen boss fight
  • Stage 2: Fixed bad texture on shopfront windows
  • Stage 3: Fixed black textures on barrels
  • Columbia: Fixed an issue where players would be required to crouch on rails
  • Columbia: Made crouching on rails a much safer experience
There was need to push a new release, due to the low possibility of a server crash after the second boss. I've also added a few other additions, that would have waited for a little while, but I've pushed them forward because of the above.
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Official port of CS:S ze_bioshock

Finally! The complete ze_bioshock for csgo is here! Based on the latest and greatest version for cs:s (v6_2), fully optimised for CS:GO!


This map is based on the city of Rapture, the setting of the game Bioshock. This map is a vast, creepy, dark environment, so a enabling flashlight is advised. Escaping a stage as a human will enable the next stage. 3 successive failures on any stage will result in difficulty being reduced for humans until a round is won, in exchange for a reduced score reward on a victory.

There are several secrets scattered across the map, finding them all will change some things...


  • 4 different stages (5 stages total)
  • Difficulty balancing
  • Player items (based around Plasmids from Bioshock)
  • Permanent item upgrades
  • Secrets including alternate endings
  • Boss fights
  • Soundtrack
  • A huge amount of custom content (textures, particles, models, sounds)
  • Loads more...

Each stage is inspired by areas of either Bioshock 1 or 2. Some locations are exact replicas & some are of original design to better fit the game. 


  • 2K Games (need I say why?)
  • GFL & i3D and sG (support and testing)
  • Many others...


  • This map is detailed, there is a lot of propwork, and at many times most-all players many be visible. If you have performance issues, consider reducing your graphical settings.
  • Uses the particles precache plugin like most ported maps; particles should work if you use that...
  • There are substantial differences between cs:s and cs:go versions. This version lacks the Hephaestus bomb building, due to filesize and engine limitations, instead Stage 4 hard follows the Easy recipe.



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  • 3mo
    Syoudous avatar
    Syoudous Offline
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    Hi there! Lovely map. Map is nice and players are fond of it. However there are a handful of issues going on in the map that are messy that I'd like to post about.

    1.) Missing textures. There's *a lot* of missing textures. It would seem your latest version might address this but I'm posting this up because it's a bit hectic for how many things are missing.

    2.) Missing sounds... Not exactly a concern but many buttons and perhaps some sound effects from events in the map are missing. 

    3.) Executing server related commands that are not possible in CS:GO. All cvars and commands executed are limited by bspconvar_whitelist.txt which can be seen in the /csgo/ folder. Any command not whitelisted should be given a heads up if it's absolutely needed. Likely, it isn't. But still, you're trying to execute commands that are not possible to do in a live server for CS:GO. 

    4.) Map items are not aligned to the players height.

    5.) Missing particle texture(s). Seems to be only one related to this particular particle. 
    C_OP_RenderSprites::RenderUnsorted: Attempting to use an unimplemented sprite renderer for system "custom_particle_261"!

    6.) Dev textures for ladders. A bit senseless and out of place. Looks really out of place for the map that it is... unless it's intended that way.

    7.) Textures with cubemaps enabled with no specular or bumpmap supported by it. Not sure if this is intentional or just gone and forgotten but there's quite a bit of it that looks off.

    8.) Numerous props are unlit when they should have baked lighting in it. To be more specific, you should be using $selfillum on textures than leaving them unlit to have them emit "light". It looks fairly bad when all textures are unlit making them stick out more. As painful as it can be to go through this could be dismissed but I feel you could improve the map and learn a new "trick" with this.

    9.) Clip some stairs? Not a bug or an issue but CS:GO is a lot more strict when it comes to "bumpy" terrain and looks noticeable going from height to height in each block. Clips don't take too long and I believe the map has room to spare for this.

    10.) Scream for when NPC spawns on top of CT's is tortuously loud. Yeah, perhaps it's the intended idea but after hearing it the first time don't you think it would be tiring the second and other several times later? Perhaps lower the volume just a tad.

    11.) Missing teleport. Not sure if it's an issue. This was from noclipping around the map.
    Teleport trigger '' cannot find destination named 'hephaestus_tower_teleport_target_1'!

    12.) There's an invulnerability item from zombies as CT in the map that's a bit annoying. I'm not sure what item this is or where it is but a player had to be slayed a few times at the end. Perhaps it lasts too long? Is there any indication that it's being used?

    13.) Water used in the map is dev_water. Not an issue or a bug but there are plenty of good choices for water here in CS:GO by default that I would recommend you look into. inferno_water, water_aztec, boathouse_water and there's a few others that come to mind. You should make use of them. They look fantastic.

    14.) Adding onto the above the water in spawn isn't even visible. There's no reflections or refract. It just drains and kills fps in the map immediately. At worst dipping to 14(!) fps one time.

    15.) Water warp screen effect is a nice touch but it's... iffy. It also doesn't remove itself on round start. If a new round begins and the overlay of the water warp texture is on screen then it will remain there in the next round.

    16.) Your refract windows in previous versions can be saved if you turn the brushes into entities. It is an annoying issue in the game that was introduced late but really, you can work around it. A simple func_brush or func_illusionary here isn't going to hurt you. You can see your other refracts working even since your waterfall would be broken too if everything was broken regarding it.

    17.) game_player_equip in spawn spawning multiple weapons and items on players is dangerous and for lower end servers, terribly laggy. The screenshot here doesn't show much and it's not even your map but I'm using it as an example because it equips the same weapons as your map. Because you do not have "Strip All Weapons First" checked in flags these weapons can drop in spawn without even first removing the weapons the player starts with in a live server. That includes a knife and pistol always laying around in spawn. Ensure the flag is checked to prevent issues if a player is to be stripped. You should have only a weapon_knife and an item_assaultsuit equipped at round start only. item_assaultsuit is kevlar + helmet. game_player_equip has a bug in CS:GO which does not allow you to purchase kevlar in the buy menu. This would ensure it at least gets equipped once to make it repurchaseable later if they need it.

    I hope that covers everything that I saw and helps you polish everything that lingers in your map.
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  • 3mo
    IceFlower avatar
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    Some player found me,they told me them found some bugs

    1 some map items doesnt see particle.

    2 zombie items human can't use gun to repelled.
  • 1y
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    Okay, so I figured out that if you upload your map to the workshop it does something called bspzip repacking. This compresses the file without changing its format (more than bz2),

    Not sure if you were aware of this but please give it a try next release, it would help a lot with download times.

  • 1y
    dormantlemon avatar
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    Posted by Bad_Cold_Man

    Can anyone confirm that the items do not have effects v5_8

    I ran off to test this soon as I read your comment. Can confirm the weapons do work correctly. You do need to look ever so slightly downwards when activating them;the activator is a button in front of the player, its around chest height (or just below the crosshairs if you aim straight forward)
    Technical elegance
  • 1y
    Bad_Cold_Man avatar
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    Can anyone confirm that the items do not have effects v5_8

  • 1y
    Another fix, in stage 3 half the server crashed as soon as someone picked the "Sonic Boom" item.

    The vents in stage 2 in the elevator for zombies are too small. The vent for the bomb in stage 4 is too small.


  • 1y
    Not sure if this helps, but on stage three if you click the skin (secret door button) in thirdperson you crash immediately. Perhaps on multiplayer one person who grabs it crashes everyone?

  • 2y
    Bad_Cold_Man avatar
    Member Joined 2y
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    I noticed 1 bug: sometimes the boss on the first level do not leave the corridor onto the stage to the players. At one level it shows a black vegetation.


    At level 4 you can't climb into the ventilation shaft and as a consequence level did not pass.

  • 2y
    dormantlemon avatar
    Member Joined 6y
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    > **Posted by SFB**
    > Hey Dormant we did another test on GFL. We got to level 3, until we crashed right at the first hold area. Everyone's client crashed while staying on the map. Not sure when you can fix, but it be great.
    > Also back on level 1, there is one more area that needs to be fixed towards the end. After the boss fight, we couldn't climb over the window area where the bookcase blocks the door. It wasn't large enough to crouch.

    Thanks for your feedback SFB.

    I spent 4 hours last night looking at what could cause a client only crash (normally renderables). I had 0 success in replicating the problem, nor in finding out any potential cause.
    - The first hold area can see 0 visleafs that the entrance area can't also see. This says to me that the crash must occur due to changes caused by entity logic.
    - There is 0 round specific logic in the first hold area except a single trigger /w console Command msg & door_rotating Open

    I can only guess that it had to have been a particle issue as the server itself didn't crash. That leads me to more confusion though, as the only particle system inside visible leafs at that point is the Incinerate Plasmid, which also appears in both previous rounds. I am assuming that particles were working in the map. Incinerate is also present in previous rounds.
    The only possible scenario I can conceive of is if Incinerate was not obtained/used in Rounds 1 and 2, but was used in Round 3, immediately crashing clients due to its activation particle_system. I can't believe this is very likely though.

    Is there any chance this scenario could be the case? I'll set myself up a dedicated server as soon as I can (this evening maybe..) to test the problem.
    Technical elegance
  • 2y
    SFB avatar
    SFB Offline
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    Hey Dormant we did another test on GFL. We got to level 3, until we crashed right at the first hold area. Everyone's client crashed while staying on the map. Not sure when you can fix, but it be great.

    Also back on level 1, there is one more area that needs to be fixed towards the end. After the boss fight, we couldn't climb over the window area where the bookcase blocks the door. It wasnt large enough to crouch.


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    Server Manger - CS:GO ZM &
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This port took about a weeks solid work from cs:s. Lots of texture swaps, and some importing of models, due to lack of suitable csgo substitutes.

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