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  • Redesigned the Bouncer item. It now exists solely compliment the Little Sister; pick it up for instructions
  • Various texture fixups
  • Properly fixed obtained secrets appearing on round reset
This is really just a small bugfix and cleanup. The bouncer was nerfed, and a few small issues and texture mistakes have been fixed.

There are a few smaller fixes I added a while back, can't remember what they were, but nothing substantial.
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  • Redid all item texts. More information, and more understandable
  • Fixed Gravity Well
  • Made Gene Tonic Carriers more visible
  • Added back all player items on Easy mode
  • Modified item cooldowns
  • Chapter 1: No window edging in Metro
  • Chapter 2: Siren Alley entrance easier for humans
  • Chapter 4: Blade/laser is more visible
  • 1999: Multiple rebalances and fixes (see notes)
Over 40 fixes and improvements, the major ones listed above.

Unless more bugs are discovered. this is the FINAL.
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A map based on 2K's Bioshock

Welcome to Rapture! 

It's been a long time incoming, but v6 is finally here. It includes a whole swathe of over 100 fixes and improvements, not including the visual overhaul and 2 new stages!

What is ze_bioshock?

As the name suggests, ze_bioshock is a zombie escape map themed around the underwater city of Rapture from the games series Bioshock. It features some true-to-the-original locations and layouts, as well as some custom ones, lots of custom items, and is in total around 40 minutes of content.

What features does it have?

Well, the feature list is too long to list in its entirety, so here are a few highlights:
  • 5 unique stages, spanning 4 memorable locations from Bioshock (Welcome, Fort Frolic, Arcadia, Hephaestus)
  • Difficulty scaler - the map makes itself easier if the humans are having a hard time
  • 6 player items (plamsids) - Electro Bolt, Incinerate, Cyclone Trap, Insect Swarm, Winter Blast and Gravity Well
  • 2 player pickups (tonics) - Static Shell and Flash Flare* 2 zombie items (Big Daddy/Bouncer and Little Sister)
  • Multiple boss fights
  • Permanent player-independent item upgrades
  • Multiple endings

There is so much more than the above. Now would you kindly give it a playthrough!

What's new in v6?

Well, I've packed a full changelog in the map, so unpack it if you want to know it all, as there is far too much to list here. I've also included some technical documentation about how some of the cooler features of the map work, as well as some tips on how to play it better, as playthrough of v5_6 made the same mistakes over and over again. While I don't expect 99% of players to look at these, the more vocal 1% may be able to make a difference.

But anyway, here are the biggest new changes in this release:
  • Complete visual overhaul, load more detail, new textures, models, sounds and particles
  • Introduced a warmup round to allow players to download/connect, combined with a redesigned spawn
  • Stage 2 has been completely reworked into a new location - Fort Frolic
  • Stage 4 only has the bomb building on Hard difficulty. It becomes a linear stage on Easy mode
  • Added a final extra-stage named 1999 (a Bioshock Infinite reference)
  • Introduced upgradeable Plasmids. Upgrades are permanent, and independant of the player using it.
  • 2 new plasmids, 2 new item type (Gene Tonics), 2 playable zombie characters
  • Addressed a massive number of balancing issues

I want to be done with this map for good soon, so thanks for looking, and please report any bugs found.

Special Thanks:
  • 2K Games
  • Servers: i3D, GFL, UNLOZE
  • Everyone else who helped out in any way



  • 6mo
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    Well thought out map submission.
    I've been playing / leading this for a few times, and the map is really good.
    As far as I know, this is a map as polished as it can get.
    Well done, Dormant.
    The Frost Dragon
  • 2y
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    İs the boss fight logic like chasing boss ?
    Behind You


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Models, Textures, Sound, Concept


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9.8/10 by 7 raters


This map took over 3.5 years to create (yeah im slow!).

2000hours in Hammer.

Content porting:

  • 3dsmax2012
  • UModel
  • Photoshop CS5


This is an easy license to follow:

  • 2K own the rights to Bioshock. They own the rights to many of the models, textures and sounds included in this map.
  • If you want to learn from this creation, decompile it. It has no protection on it.
  • If you want to port it/modify this creation, contact me first.

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