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Z + P Arena

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The Z + P Arena

**Z + P Arena**

This is the Z + P Arena that i have made for my Z + P Mod. I have the Map also released as Deathmatch and i will release the Map also as CTF Map.


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    2 years ago:

    -Spaces are NOT allowed in map file names (will NOT work online.)

    -Map has the old UT2004 weapon base bug (see here for explanation and fix: http://imgur.com/CLUAJOe )

    -Lots of uncompressed (RGBA8) textures. Right click and compress them to DXT1 in Unreal Ed to drastically reduce file size. (If there is alpha, use DXT3 for masked, DXT5 otherwise.)

    -Spend a few minutes setting up materials (right click texture properties, look at the material tab, pick an appropriate surface property, look at the Texture tab, pick an appropriate detail texture from UCGeneric.utx or Detail.utx.) This will make your metal floors sound like metal when you walk on them, and look nicer when you are very close to a surface.

    -Screenshots need to be set to LODSET_Interface (right click - texture - LODSET)

    -no ammo pickups

    Personal observations:

    -Music tracks without lyrics are better for gameplay (won't drown out player voices and taunts.) The track is also about 5-7 Db too loud compared to regular UT2004 tracks.

    -The 4 overhead TV screens have a screenshot of the level instead of anything interesting or useful, such as a scoreboard.

    -Set your lighting mode to RGBA8 (From the menu, Build > Build Options > Lighting.) The default DXT3 mode leaves a lot of colored artifacts and looks ugly on white surfaces.

    -It's an arena. It is what it is, and has very simple gameplay. Won't appeal to everyone, but I think it should be scaled larger. Feels very cramped to me.

    -Skybox looks very cartoony, easy to see the shape of the box. Try using a different star texture, or copy a skybox from a retail map, like CTF-FaceClassic.

    -Otherwise textures are nice and simple, a good clean style.
    The Dark Rat


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GRiMWaLD # 7218
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2 years ago
Dec 22 2014 @ 6:32pm UTC
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2 years ago
Dec 22 2014 @ 6:32pm UTC


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Software used:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Fireworks


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