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Indoor Firing Drill

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For your aiming needs!

This is recreation of real drill from Spanish GEO headquarters (Grupo Especial de Operaciones/ Special Group of Operations). I already got some similar submission previously but made some important changes like lighting and a few more things and wanted to delete it and make new thread for letting everybody know about it.

Refer to following link for real life (from which I got inspiration) & before version frames:

Click on me!

Now refer to next link for updated gameplay:

Click on me!

*.VMF file included for your editing needs.

Update: For some reason .VMF file was corrupted, now it's fixed. You may feel free to redownload if you got it wrong and still wanna edit my map.



  • 2y
    Since you did include the vmf file. i'm making a game. I was wondering if I could use your map for a training room for my FPS! Thanks -TVEG P.S. I will give full credit to you for it if you say yes.
    An epicly epic epicface
  • 2y
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    > **Posted by DaOneWhoPwnsHard**
    > Well, 'leaning' addon could be on GMOD 13 Workshop. Or not, that's why I use previous version which is the thing everybody should have done since horrible update to 13 which broke addons. So you should perform a search on Workshop just in case, although you'll be very lucky if it's there. There isn't prone addon as sample (unlike on my version), but whatever.
    > Also, I'm not sure if you're referring to weapon arm switch which I used casually during left side leaning. It's some special Lua code that you got to include on your base. Also, always that I do transition I look downward for making my SWEP dissapear from screen so it looks more realistic; Sharpeye does that for me for some strange reason. If is correct that you want this transition addon just tell me and will try to send you the code on PM when possible.

    I wanted the right hand to left hand thing. I knew you looked down when changing weapons, it does look realistic. A tip would be is to wait a while, as it takes some time in real life to pull out a gun, although it is faster if you pull it out of the holster.
  • 2y
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    > **Posted by DaOneWhoPwnsHard**
    > 'Firearms Source 2' from GMOD 13 Workshop. I extracted stuff, ported the weapons to GMOD 12 (independent version) and use Mad Cows SWEPs base with a few modifications like possibility of fire selector, custom secondary positioning, arms switch, dry fire animation and sound and more. I also use to modify the models by my own and add accesories like lanterns or whatever. You won't get it anywhere, I am sorry for that.
    > I got legit and purchased version of Garry's Mod by the way, I just dislike it and don't use it anymore since broken addons incident.

    Oh, I wanted to know how to do the cool leaning thing.
  • 2y
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    What gunpack are you using?


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