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Dod_Fabrik2, beta 1 This is the first public beta of the revised version of my dod_fabrik. Changes were made in response to player feedback and include: A raised sky so that grenades thrown from roofs no longer bounce off the sky Alt exits for both teams to minimise spawn camping Changes in flag capture to promote teamplay. Two flags now require two players to capture. The other flags have had the time to capture increased. Geometry changes. There are obvious changes in some areas. Some of these are merely cosmetic, though in the main area things have changed to reduce r_speeds so that I could include more stuff there - rubble mainly. A new path coming from the Allied side has been added. This path should make it easier for the allies to capture the flag that lies in a crater/ditch. This path can also be used by the Axis going in the other direction. Camping/Grenade spawning spots "fixed": Although I had several requests to remove the troublesome camping window that used to prevent Allies leaving their spawn area, I have kept it in a revised form. An MGer there can no longer gun down Allies trying to go up the stairs (the spot no longer has direct line of sight to the doorway). I have opened the hole up to make it easier for Allies trying to flush out a camper there to lob a grenade in. Plus, new alt exits for the allies mean this spot can no longer prevent them leaving the spawn area. Finally, I've added a rope ladder there so that Allies (or Axis) can use it as an alternative entry point to the second floor of that building. TIP: If someone is sitting in this spot with an MG and you want them gone try getting your team-mates to lob grenades at the base of the wall below the camping spot. Grenade explosions there will hurt a camper above. A spot that allowed Axis troops to through grenades over a hole in a wall and into the Allied spawn area has been fixed. It should be difficult now to get a grenade through there but if anyone finds this is still possible drop me an email and I'll fix it. Problems: r_speeds are still higher than I'd like in some places, especially from high spots at the ends of the main open area. If it is reported as a major problem I'll look at reducing them further. Feedback is welcome. DMW_NZ, Jan, 2003.



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DMW_NZ, Kamikaze, Xerent and Valve.
Map by DMW_NZ


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Dod_Fabrik2, beta 1

Set in an industrial/warehouse area,
with SIX control points to capture.

Credits: Map by DMW_NZ.
Textures by DMW_NZ, Kamikaze, Xerent and Valve.
Tank model by H&K


Dod_Fabrik2, beta 1 Objectives: Set in an industrial/warehouse area, with SIX control points to capture. Credits: Map by DMW_NZ. Textures by DMW_NZ, Kamikaze, Xerent and Valve. Tank model by H&K

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