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Phm's headquarters

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Two SP levels for RTCW with new stuffs.

(Diese Datei ist auch in deutsch verf├╝gbar. Bitte die Lies-mich-Datei konsultieren.)

Phm's headquarters - a singleplayer package for Return to Castle Wolfenstein


When I finished playing the singleplayer part, I started testing the multiplayer part. I also installed an level editor, just for fun. With this editor you can build your own missions. I couldn't know that I would be occupied with this editor for a long time. I suddenly wanted to build my own mission - and create my own world. Unfortunately this project was more easily said than done, because the training with the whole topic is very, very hard for a newcomer. There was no suprise as the first enthusiasm was followed by the first depression because there weren't any great results in the first time. In a permanent up and down in the motivation within four years there finally is a result. I did not work all the time, of course. Some time I was very active, other times I took a break. Due to the immense time I shared with the project, I wanted to finish it - and thus I spent again some time to finish it. The result is not perfect. There were still a lot of ideas I wanted to realize. I hope there aren't too much errors. I have done my best to test everything. But at a certain point you have to get to the end. The time I spent to build these maps are in no proportion to the time you play the maps. I hope some people have fun with this project. I respect developers who start and finish similar projects. There is an enormous expense. If I would had been paid for it, I probably were a millionaire now? :) Esteem for those people who offer players something without payment. By the way, the second mission was planned to be a part of a multiplayer project at As this project has never been realized I added it to my singleplayer package.

Conditions and installation

The latest version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein should be used. The missions will also run with version 1.0, but some textures and objects may not show correctly or may be missing completely.

To install this pakage, simply unzip all files in the Return to Castle Wolfenstein-directory. Start the game by using the shortcut "PHM" in the directory "RTCW".

The file "sp_Phm_eng.pk3" contains English mission descriptions. Nevertheless some textures and sounds are only available in German.
If you want all in German language, delete this file.

On weaker systems performance problems may occur while playing the first mission.

If required adjust the brightness in the game menu or via the monitor, if the mission environments look too bright or too dark.

Game references

The missions are explained in detail at the mission briefing and in the note book. Besides, at the first mission advices are printed via the console at certain times.

Technical features

- extensive texture and shader definitions (realistic running and shooting sounds)
- realistic und variable use of textures
- extensive scripts (variable happening at a different behavior)
- no occurrence of double opponents (singular computer controlled players)
- extensive clipping (realistic waypoints and realistic behavior of computer controlled players)
- german and english mission texts available
- separate singleplayer modification (use of extended menu and information possibilities, i.e. the note book)

Used media

To a large extent the standard media of the game have been used. In addition I have created some textures and modified some original textures. Moreover, the following prefabs, textures and sounds have been used:

- music: Castle Wolfenstein
author: Chipmunk

- music: DJ Phatt A.B. alias Dukemaker feat. Prodigy
author: Dukemaker

- textures: PhotoRealistic Texture Pack
author: BerneyBoy

- textures: Surface Texture Pack 1
author: eyeronik

- textures: some from the internet
author: various

- prefab: fan
author: NightEviL

- prefab: table
author: Grunt

- sounds: some from the internet
author: various

Remarks of the author

This project is freeware. It can be spread as long as the archive and all files within it are unchanged. If you want to know more about this project look at my German web site. It can be reached via "".




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