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Cargo Liner

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A Single player map for RTCW, based on Metal Gear Solid 2's Tanker level.

Title : Liner
Date Started : 09/27/2002
Date Finished : 05/16/2003
Filename : CARGO.BSP
Author : Roberto Diaz AKA DiaZ
Email Address :
Misc. Author Info :
Description : A map based off Metal Gear Solid 2's Tanker level.
I have converted it to a cargo ship to make some areas
more interesting. When the map was started, I had not
even seen MGS2 yet, so I had to work with blurry
screenshots and videos as a reference to build most of
the map (which is why it's not exactly the same, heh heh).
Boy was that some hard work. However, I got to
play the game recently and added some details at misc.
locations that are exactly like in the original ;)
The layout of the map is completely different though
(and much smaller, this is RTCW...) so don't think
you are going to play something you have played before.
Perhaps the most important thing of this map is the
amount of effects I've added to it. You'll see torrential
rain, waves breaking against the hull, lightning,
rain bouncing off surfaces, reflections, etc. I spent
more time working on effects than on the map itself.
I hope you like it, and have fun!

Additional Credits to : ** Some textures taken from games by: **
Konami Computer Entertainment Japan, Raven Software,
iD Software, Valve Software, Gray Matter, Remedy
Entertainment, Team Terminator, 3D Realms.
Give me a digital camera and I'll make them myself. :D

-Ed 209 model and skin by Gilbert Arcand

-Guard voices by Caleb Garner



To install the map just unzip this ZIP archive into your RTCW directory.
To run the map start RTCW using shortcut called "liner" (located in the RTCW root folder)
and start a new game normally.

1 - Back up your RTCW DLLs (qagamex86.dll and cgamex86.dll) as they
will be overwritten.
2 - If you have RTCW installed in another directory, you must to edit shortcut.


The objective in this map is to plant an explosive charge on a weapon prototype (robot)
located in the cargo holds. To do that, just walk up to the cross located at one of its
feet and the charge will be placed automatically. After you're done, reach the lifeboat
to end the level.

Play Information

Type : Single Player
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : Yes
New Music : Yes
New Models : Yes
New Textures : Yes
New/changed DLLs : Yes


Base : Metal Gear Solid 2's Tanker (d0h :D)
Build Time : Look at dates.
Editor(s) used : GTKRadiant 1.2.1 / 1.2.9 / 1.2.10
3D Studio MAX r4.2 / r5.0
Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Known Bugs : -On slower systems, the rain might seem to dissapear
during a second sometimes. It is due to timing
imprecisions caused by low framerates. Not exactly
a bug, but it's there ;)
-The rain might be almost invisible on NVidia cards
using old drivers.
-The sky might blink on some Nvidia based systems.
This is a known bug from the 41.xx drivers and gets
fixed with the 42.xx and later series.
-I am sometimes experiencing strange artifacts on the
lightmaps. Feedback on this would be appreciated as
I have no idea what's causing it.
-The sea water might look green as a pool of slime. This
is not a bug - the map requires the "NVidia Fog Type" to
be set to "NV_Radial" to look right. Sometimes it'll look
bad even if fog is set to Radial. To fix, go into the menu,
and switch to NV_Plane then to NV_Radial again.

System Requirements

-To play at full detail:

Pentium III / AMD Athlon running at least at 933 MHz
256 Mb PC133 SDRAM
64 Mb graphics card

-To play at normal detail:

Pentium III / AMD Athlon running at least at 933 MHz
128 Mb PC133 SDRAM
32 Mb graphics card

-Absolute minimum (everything at minimum detail, choppy FPS):

Pentium III / AMD Athlon running at least at 667 MHz
128 Mb PC133 SDRAM
16 Mb graphics card

-My System:

AMD Athlon XP 1800+
512 Mb PC2100 DDR SDRAM
128 Mb GeForce4 Ti4200

As you've probably noticed, this map causes 2 to 4 times more overdraw than a
standard Wolf map. It's mainly due to the complex rain shaders, some of them
actually using up to six texture layers. This becomes a problem with 16 Mb
graphics cards, and even with some 32 Mb ones. The CPU is not affected at all,
This map was meant to be a benchmark for the rain effects that I started making
before the actual map, which is just another excuse for its high end
requirements ;)
As a reference, on my system the framerate never drops below 34 and is normally
on the 50's, at 1024x768 with all details maxed.

Copyright / Permissions

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels. You probably won't do it anyways :D

You MAY distribute this map, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.

Roberto Diaz AKA DiaZ



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Key Authors
Roberto Diaz AKA DiaZ
Map's Author.


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