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Gameplay ============ Quakers that like to rocket/grenade jump will like the area around the respawn. You can boost yourself up there and camp above the respawn and walk around the roof of the building. As being a sniper myself, I tried to make areas that I would like to snipe in. There are two dark towers on the sides of each base and a larger tower in the front, as well as catwalks around various parts of the level. The water is a little difficult to get out of. I find that it is a little funny to blast someone into the water who doesn't know how to get out. However, u can RJ or Gren jump out. There are two ramps coming down into the sewers just behind the respawn areas. The ramp paths intersect and follow a series of ramps to a water cave. The demoman can blow the wall that is fairly noticable. Under the island in the middle is an underwater tunnel that can take you under. The diamonds are located in a small bunker at the very back of each base, as to provide a challenge to get to it. Once retreived, return to the very back of your base where you will see a portal. Jump through and you will earn your team an extra ten points.



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