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An overhaul of Dreamus 2, with completely redone special effects, new botpaths (utilizing over 80 jump-spots), a fine-tuned layout, and an enhanced secret area.

Dreamus 2 Special Edition
by Dario 'Deefrag' DiNatale


Just unzip into your *UT2004* directory, using your
zip program's actual "Extract" button. All files should
automatically end up in the right folders.

Otherwise, just drop ONS-Dreamus2SE.ut2 into the
'UT2004/Maps' folder.


Dreamus Gameplay:

Spawn. Grab weapons. Destroy.
There are many hidden little details, and a secret area.
Various notes can also be found in Unreal Ed. (look for
little note icons floating around)


Dreamus2 Special Thanks:

Special thanks to everyone at the Atari Forums for
answering all my questions, however n00b they may
have been.

Special thanks also to Chip and Brain Trepaning
for helping me figure out the animated flag, and
to Chip who finally just did the work for me.
(I'm not a programmer, dangit!)

Special thanks to FireCrack for untiringly answering
my flurry of questions about anything and everything.
Without him, I would have been creating the Emitters
as older, lamer xEmitters.

Finally, special thanks to all the beta testers, who
made sure I fixed every last thing for the final release.
Had I summoned their help earlier, I'd be more happy with
Dreamus 1.


Dreamus2 SE Special Thanks:

Very special thanks to Keith Balding (Swag), Steve Taylor,
(JetFire), and Dan Woodall (MadNad) for finding and fixing
the online server reset bug, after I had given up hope of
ever finding the solution. Thanks to Swag for taking the
iniative to get it solved, and MadNad for creating a
program that could flush a map's emitters and actually
squash the bug. Also credited for the fix is the Troopers
Development Team, and Kinetic Studios.

Thanks also to the DW Clan for looking hard into the crash
problem, and discovering that Emitters were the culprit.
The fix would never have been located without them.

Special thanks to Phil Cole (Willhaven) for trying to
get the programmers at Epic to look into the online
server reset bug.

Special thanks to Iron Legend for helping me get the
teleportation-effect vator working.


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Key Authors
Dario D.


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Development State


Date Added
6 years ago
Jul 4 2011 @ 9:50pm UTC
Date Updated
6 years ago
Jul 4 2011 @ 9:50pm UTC


7.2/10 by 2 raters