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Minas Tirith for Counter Strike Zombie Mod! My last map of the LOTR series.

Changes of v3\_3

Many changes to improve gameplay, bug fix and exploits.

Important fix: bouncy physics glitch doesn't seem to be fixed but it may happens with less frequency..

The map has been improved considerably.

For more info, go to

This is the last map of the ZE LOTR map serie.

Changes of v2_2 and v2\_1

- Spawn gates open 5 seconds later

- Added zombie config commands

- Respawn of 2s at extreme and 25s at normal

- Horses at stage 1 are unblockable

- Stage 2 orange door opens 3 seconds later

- Catapult rock of stage 3 is unblockable (the one that breaks the door)

- Lift goes faster at stage 4

- Balrog can't jump a lot.

- Torches push trigger are only enabled at pick up.

- The stage and difficulty system works even if the physics crash.

- Warm up round is not 60 seconds instead 120.

- White Knight don't freeze another human

- Spawn portals are only for zombies now

- The item horse can't screw the round at stage 1 nazgul part.

- Modified the last defense spot of stage 4, now there is another way for CT to get in)

- Deleted the ladder item

- CT can't win stage 4 if they are dead (zombified at last second)

- Oil item now has a trigger\_hurt that ignites repeatedly and hurts.

- Stage 3 first part doors break automatically

- Hidders of stage 4 bottom part (before stairs) will be killed 30 seconds earlier.

- Stage 4 ghost army arrival 15 seconds earlier.

- Up to 3 trolls at same round. If a troll dies, you can pick up another.

- More push for torches

- Stage 1 ending bugged why nazguls that passes the gates fixed.

- Meteor falls 0.5 later.

- Flying balrog at stage 4 fixed.

- Soldiers hp goes from 45 yo 55 hp. If you are zombie and you touch it, you will damage it 1 of HP. Hordes of zombies touching them at same time will insta kill the soldiers.

- Balrog is not 5% faster

- Troll HP from 12k to 8k (body) and 7.5k to 4k (face)

- White Knight damages half (there was a bug at v2 where he double damages)

- Closer teleport for zombies at last part of stage 4.

- If you are lvl 0 at extreme, you will level up to 1 automatically.

- Flame of oil will not light if you are out of the black room.

- Meteor falls from 8s to 10s. Damages from 500 to 80 of hp.



  • 4y
    Prechan avatar
    Prechan Offline
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    I don't know why I voted 6 two year ago... this map richly deserves a 10, even if it is not perfect ! Great Job Hannibal ! ;)


  • 5y
    Hacker22 avatar
    Hacker22 Offline
    Member Joined 8y

    - yeah nice map
    - very good job, i hope that one day i will be as good as you are


    - i really started to hate this map, because on our server is 15times every day with at least 2 extends
    Simply Hacker :D
  • 6y
    Tommy_[FIN] avatar
    Member Joined 6y
    Or maybe the gravity changes makes props bouncy. (balrog and other shop items ?)
    IDK how but i hope physics bug will be fixed :)
  • 6y
    Kaemon avatar
    Kaemon Offline
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    > **Posted by [Tommy_FIN]**

    > **Notes:**
    > - If you place a prop inside other prop or wall = maby physics crash
    > - Hope this maby helps you to fix it faster :)

    Yeah... The problem here is that it "Maybe crashes the physics"; when we tried to reproduce the Physics Crash spamming Props inside each other, walls or doors, we couldn't make them crash...
    What would really help would be someone abble to reproduce the crash at will, so we see/understand what the problem exactly is.


  • 6y
    maczu avatar
    maczu Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    Good map! 10/10
  • 6y
    Tommy_[FIN] avatar
    Member Joined 6y

    - If you place a prop inside other prop or wall = maby physics crash
    - Hope this maby helps you to fix it faster :)
  • 6y
    very very very good map 1000000/10
  • 6y
    mat.duf avatar
    mat.duf Offline
    Member Joined 7y
    9,051 points Ranked 471st
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    > **Posted by Vistus=CTA**

    > Very BAD MAP boyfriend 0/10 test map in my LAG SERVER | |ESP|-=Clan CTA=- | ZOMBIEMOD + VERY LAG AND SHIT SERVER
    > You are a nigger
    > I am gay and I am Nazism
    > CTA = shit

    you have something against gay ?
  • 6y
    [OwNeD] avatar
    [OwNeD] Offline
    Member Joined 6y
    Hi, i cant enter this map, why? it wont load. :(
  • 6y
    I really dislike this map.
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Thanks to:

- S-Low : porting LOTR models

- Custom particles of : Vman (vman_explosion.pcf) and explodey.pcf

- Terrain generator : from Ryan Gregg (Nem's Tool)