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The Labyrinth

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The Labyrinth is a dungeon involving the player battling through a variety of rooms, each with its own style and challenges. This is a map meant to be played in adventure mode, a game-type which Notch plans to release eventually. However, it is perfectly playable and very fun even now! Obstacles in this map involve battling through waves of mob spawners, jump puzzle areas, climbing levels, mazes, minecart obstacle courses, and more. This map is meant to be *hard*, although even beyond the in-game difficulty settings you can choose your equipment at the beginning to make things easier, or make the map even more challenging. On its hardest mode, expert hard, this map is extremely difficult and rage-inducing in a wonderful way. If you die at any point in the map, you'll respawn near a checkpoint area, where you can quickly restock on items and minecart back to the beginning of the last level you reached. Currently, the map should take you anywhere three to four hours or more to beat (depending on the difficulty level). There is a fair amount of replayability in the map, as well.

- Add a sign at bottom of water staircase "get some speed first" or something like that.
- Mobs are spawning in gentleman's lounge.
- Pigs are trampling farm in middle tower.
- Slimes spawning at bottom of tower.
- Lots of lag in the first level.
- Add a sign pointing to the ladder in the main tower.



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Apr 5 2011 @ 10:01pm UTC
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Apr 5 2011 @ 10:01pm UTC


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