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Holdout Cargobay

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A survival map in an abandoned cargobay - Combine Skill and teamplay to survive

This Holdout map comes with 13 challenging Waves, each with different aliens.

It takes skill and teamplay to survive each wave.
It is also solo playable on easy.

Note: This map will NOT work properly with onslought mode enabled, death during resupply periods will result in dual spawn which crashes the server!
- A follow up on the ticket i send to steam support:
I got reply, where the dude said i should post the bug on the forums but i dont think anything will happen, so i am going to workaround this bug somehow to prevent it from happening.

This is addon version 0.7 Release Candidate 1 - This addon is not finished, there may be a few bugs in the map, but it is playable.

Air units are not yet supported in this addon

0.6 -> 0.7RC1


0.5.4 -> 0.6


0.5.3 -> 0.5.4

#Updated the AI Nodes
#moved toxic barrels
#added more explosives
#added a lot of ammonition and weapons
#edited resupply: No resupply between wave 1 - 4 (when 4th wave is cleared you will get resupply-break) from 4th wave to 10th wave every second wave resupplies and last but not least, from 10th wave up to 13th wave, all waves resupplies. Wave 13 is final.
#more cargo added
#edited the lightning
#Fixed a bug where alien boomers and other larger alines were stuck in walls on spawn

0.5.1 -> 0.5.3

#Extended the map to the east side
#Added cargoshelfs
#added more props and lightning
#Made a VPK file instead of folders
#Added a mission picture (not the final)
#added a briefing overview (might not work in some cases, and it's not the final)
#changed the AI's movement
#added water to the map
#90 Working hours so far ! still counting

0.5 -> 0.5.1

#Added camp spawners - activates if you camp one of the rooms for a given period of time
#Added more visual stuff to the map
#Added some sound effects

0.4.9b -> 0.5

#Fixed a bug where you spawn twice in resupply period which crashes the game
#Added more stuff to the map
#Changes/fixed some lightning bugs
#Changed Wave 9, Wave 9 is now much harder.


Upcoming features / Changes

You will be able to call for air support

Radar will be permanently scrambled - Radar unscrambler can be enabled for a given ammount of time

More sound effects will be added

Anti Camp spawners will be placed

several light bugs will be fixed

4th room will get a door and get some usefull stuff inside.

7 waves will be added (20 total)

Objectives (awards) will be added - gold, silver and bronze medal is earned if survived a given time

Airunits (NPC's) will have airnodes


I will continue to make this map better - new releases will be uploaded to FPSBanana and SwarmArmory

I suck at video editing, but here are the "trailer"

If you beat Wave 11 on hard or harder please send a screenshot - my mail is in the readme ;)

have fun!


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    6 years ago:
    haha that can be very annoying idd, i'll release an update sometime before summer, i'll make sure i get that fixed.

    More updates on the map development is to be found at
    Work work....
  • (CW) Cheese avatar
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    6 years ago:
    I do like this map, only problem I've seen: shield bug can KNOCK YOU OUT OF THE MAP.
    cheese, or Whiz, you decide
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    7 years ago:
    The first picture looks like nipples.
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    7 years ago:
    It is a box... It is a motherfucking box... And you supposed to play in it?
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    Blood red temptation.


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Date Added
7 years ago
Aug 21 2010 @ 5:40pm UTC
Date Modified
6 years ago
Oct 22 2010 @ 10:10pm UTC
Date Updated
7 years ago
Aug 21 2010 @ 5:40pm UTC


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I am currently working on version 0.7 there is a lot of stuff i need to do before i can release it, so hang in there - It'll rock when the time comes ;D

I'll post updates on the release here as the work goes on.
Upcoming changes in 0.7:
Lights will be fixed and more added
AI movement will be redone
empty spaces of the map will be used for exciting new stuff.
4th room will have a purpose
wave 11 and beyond will be looked at, as they are now, they are way too hard.
The AI director will be smarter.
Buzzer spawns will be added
alien spawns from floors, Walls, roofs, rails and airducts will be added.
the button in 3rd room that currently only starts a red rotating light will do something cool
more props will be added (maby even customs)
Map will be more FPS Friendly for older PC's
Campaign/Mission pictures and names will be updated to the final ones.

Since i get a lot of request from people who want to play this online, but there are never someone to play with, i have decided to set a dedicated server up for a while to see if people use it.
The server will run the latest version of the map IP will be in the description text when it's done.
The more people who play on that server the more it encourage me to keep updating my map. thanks for all the positive feedback i've gotten so far. - you are the greatest :D

If you want to join the discussion on this map please go to search for "holdout cargobay" i will reply there as soon as i can. ofcourse you can also send me a mail. Address is in the readme file.

I am currently working on version 0.7 RC 2