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Marine Defense - Alley Defense

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Marine Defense, stop the waves of alien horde.

Got rid of the airlock doors.
Players take around 5 damage each time an alien makes it to the end, bring a medic if you need one.
Mines cannot be thrown from the bridges.
Fixed spawn issues with wave 10 and on.
Map should be basically done, still calling it beta because I need to see how easy/hard the waves are, and where it lags.
Again, feedback will help me reach a final map faster.

Fixed aliens in wave 8 stopping when gaining eye sight on marines
Lowered path walls for easier aiming at aliens
Mines can now be deployed on alien path. (mines cannot be thrown over railings on bridge)

Update 07/28/2010
Got rid of ranger aliens.
Increased spawn durations for lag
Now 20 levels of alien horde
Added player clip so players cannot fall into the path

Larger spawn, more spawners spread out more
Added another enterance to maze
Fixed bridges because of clipping issues
Added a bridge overlooking the airlock door, making it easier to clear aliens there

Update 07/28/2010
Added more unique lighting.
Made a more realistic bridge to travel from platform to platform.
Added a few decals for some eye candy.
Waves remain the same.

This is my first map, I wanted to go with a tower defense, but the sentry guns would keep running out of ammo, and I didn't want to drop a million sentry gun stashes, so I made a Marine Defense map.

Objective: Prevent the horde of aliens from reaching the airlock doors, once the doors are breached, its GG for the marines. There are currently only around 10 waves.


Grenade Launchers make the game too easy, if you want it to be more challenging, use a different gun. Also Trip mines and Fire Wall mines wont deploy on the alien path.

I couldn't figure out how to get the resupply entity to work, so the ammo drops everywhere are just a temporary thing.

Lastly, I could care less if you decompile my map and gut it up. I actually prefer this as long as it is helping the mapping community. The goal of this map was to start Defense maps, whether it be Tower/Marine. All I ask is you provide credit where credit is due.

Currently I have no readme in there, so to install just copy the vpk file into your swarm/addon folder and then enable it in-game by going to option>addons and checking the box.

Going to continue to add more waves, and edit previous ones to make them harder/stronger/faster or weaker/slower/easier depending on feedback.

FEEDBACK IS NEEDED! Again this is my first map EVER so any productive feedback is appreciated.



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    Tutorial, to made, rounds maps ??. I make 1 map and only play 1 round , and end, the game say (You are Win), what is the problem ?.
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    Yeah, working on that. I lowered the walls for mines to be used, but in doing so made the bridges lower, making the uber drones unable to travel below them... even though their models are identical to regular drones. Update should be ready by 8/1/2010 around noon pacific time. Also going to be some other changes so that a medic may be useful, more on that with the update.
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    really good so far!
    Wave 10 doesnt seem to move though.


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    Please post suggestions !


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