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Red Faction original map, remade for Source: Warlords. 2 versions available!

NOW WITH THE 3X MAP! (Warlords, exclusively made for a clan!)

A Red Faction original map.

Made by terrorcell
Revisions and edits by Dementei

"In the vast world of nothingness, somehow two bases facing directly at each other
was created. Also this map is in the outer realms of Mars, and players do not require
to have oxygen or environment suits on via some sort magical means a God (Programmer)
enabled. This map is also conveniently situated so spawn killing is fairly easy work.
there are three main ways to get in-out of the bases. The top tunnel, The bottom tunnel,
and the large field in the middle." -Red Faction Wiki

The original Warlords source map was made by terrorcell, I only made the edits of
making it playable for DOD:S and additional fortification props so it wasn't so open.
It was originally for Red Faction: Source but due to inactivity and no productivity for
several years, I had asked for this map and now all the time that's been put into this has
been put to use and voila a playable DOD:S Warlords map for all of you to play.

Map features:

* Custom Red Faction textures
* Custom Skybox
* Team color enabled flag holders (upon capture)
* Four flags to capture, 1 on each base, 1 on bridge, and 1 in the underground tunnel

Before adding the maps to your server, here are some notes about them:
(Also check screenshots.)


* Very few fortifications (sandbags, crates)
* More open
* The original warlords
* Possibly more frames


* Has many fortifications (much cover)
* Will most likely play better (been tested & approved)
* More DOD:S styled
* Possibly less frames

Overall I recommend the 3X version of the map.


I have packed anything custom into the bsp using PakRat, so enjoy your internal files..
So bring back the good ol' days of Red Faction with Warlords!
Thank you for reading and viewing..and hopefully downloading.

(Now it's time to watch the video below!)

** 3X Gaming **
DOD:S Server IP:


  • Dementei avatar
    Dementei Offline
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    6 years ago:
    Sorry no exploding walls. Wrong engine for that, haha. I would have to make hundreds of tiny breakable triangles to do that.
    The power of faith is the seed avatar
    The power of faith is the seed
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    Third Eye Offline
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    6 years ago:
    I loved this map for Red Faction!

    Did you include the exploding walls?
    Prying open my Third Eye


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Dementei avatar
Dementei Offline
Member Joined 10 years ago
392 points Ranked 9443rd

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Date Added
6 years ago
Jun 14 2010 @ 10:45pm UTC
Date Modified
6 years ago
Jun 15 2010 @ 8:06am UTC


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Valve Hammer via Source SDK. The very original map is from Red Faction.

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